Writing Essays: Revisiting the Rules of Essay Writing

Oh yes, there are do’s in writing essays  I have been checking various sources, and I have discovered that the most frequently asked questions in writing essays are about the do’s in an essay. Most students know quite a lot about the things that should be avoided in writing essays, but ask them about the do’s, and you will be shocked how much they would stammer in their narratives. If you have been searching on how to best write your essay, you are home now!

How well are you versed with the do’s in essay? There has to be something you know, a very primary factor. You do not need much; at least you should know what an essay is, to start with. The knowledge of what an essay is would guide you through the entire do’s in writing essays. Occasionally, you come across students and individuals who are looking for information on a topic they cannot define. That is hopeless! First, do thorough research and understand the topic or subject matter. In most cases, knowing enough about a given subject matter would answer several questions. Your research would be significantly simplified, and you will only research on a few key areas.

If you asked me, what an essay is, to help you understand I would say it is a written piece of art. The moment you graduate from middle school, you know quite a lot about art. Art is simply a forum that allows us to freely express ourselves. There are different forms of art, but I will make written art my major for now. Essays are a part of a written art. To distinguish essays from other forms of written literature or art, there had to be some rules to guide us; the do’s in essay.

Common knowledge

Before you even think of finding information on the do’s in an essay, you must be well versed with the features of writing essays. It is crucial to know that an essay is composed of three basic parts: an introduction, body and finally the conclusion. The three form a frame or a skeleton for any essays. If one of the three parts misses out, the piece would have been profoundly compromised that it will not be an essay anymore. In fact, take that as your first point for your do’s in an essay; adhere to the basic feature.

Stick to the subject

It is equally vital to also know that essays are always specific. There must be a given subject matter. When you write your essay, please stick to the given subject. Always be relevant throughout your essay. Always remember that people would read your essay for a reason. You must generate and organize your thoughts in an artistic way. Your essay must not just be interesting but informative too.

You are the professor here

Do not assume anything when writing your essay. Most people would think that if they left out some obvious parts, their audience would understand. The only thing that has to be understood is the contents of your essay, not the missing parts.

Generate and align your ideas

It is good to exhaust all your points. Give explanations in the best way possible. One crucial do’s in an essay is to generate and align your ideas and points like you are presenting it to a kindergarten audience. Assume your audience does not know anything about your subject, and then teach them.

Always be simple and fluent in your language

In writing essays, there is little focusing on vocabularies and all those things done to beautify language. The audience is always specific; they need specific things from your essay. They either want to see answers or how you have written your essay. Your language use might not be helpful if you have not adhered to the do’s in an essay.

Do not beat around the bush

In essays, be precise. Do not drift outside of your topic. In most essays especially the lengthy ones, most people give irrelevant information. One would overly explain a very trivial issue until he loses track. It is important to stay relevant.

Strong points come first

There are topics that have many answers. In such essays, people often get overly excited and end up doing it all wrong. You are essentially supposed to filter your points. First, you put all of them down then you arrange them in terms of weight. The strongest points should come first. As one of the do’s in an essay, start with the strongest points. Your audience should feel their strength all through the body of your essay.

Your question can possibly have twenty points, but it is not necessary to list all of them. It gets boring, and honestly, no one has the time and patience to read all those. You are always guided by the instructions of your essay on the amount.

Focus on instructions when writing essays

How you present your answers should be as stipulated by the instructions. If you are instructed to do for instance a two-page essay, you cannot give more than five points and still think you are fine. In such a paper, you need at most four well-explained points. If you are instructed to write a six-page essay, your ten points might be relevant, but if you find yourself using all your twenty points, that is not an essay, it is a book, look for a publisher!

There are several types of essays.

All the types have their specific do’s in an essay. Of course, there are basic do’s in an essay that are uniform for all the types but then there are those that fundamentally help bring out the distinguishing characteristics. When writing an essay, you must know what type of essay it is. There are those crucial parts of the body of certain essays that must be properly presented. For some essays, there are different parts of the introduction. Research papers, for instance, have several parts in the introductory section. They have a specific systematic flow, which must be considered. Always be systematic with the format. A slight mix up would spoil the format and compromise your essay.

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