Writing A Catchy Essay: The Must Know Tips To Bolster Your Essays

Writing a catchy essay has been a topic of profound concern. Essay writing is not a stage in your academics but a lifetime activity that requires dedication. You might need the tips you acquire in school on writing an essay even in your career life as a professional.

Essays are a special way of communication and presenting our ideas and thoughts on a specific topic or subject. In this type of art, your points might not be more important than how you present them when writing an essay. There are stringent restrictions that must be solely adhered to in essays.

There are as many types of essays as there are thoughts. They all however have a distinct, uniting characteristic: the format. When writing a catchy essay, it would be crucial to format it in the standard guidelines. Writing a catchy essay is agreeably more than having good points and grammar. The arrangement and how your thoughts flow in the essay while adhering to the required format is key to essay writing.

Adhere to specific format

How well can you write an essay? It is important to gauge yourself first before you try to find more information on writing an essay. If you are well versed with the essay writing formats, it will be easy for you to learn about writing a catchy essay. Good essay writing is like cooking good food. Assume you are a chef and you are required to prepare roasted bacon for three valued visitors at a given esteemed organization.

Many good cooks will start looking for the bacon, the oven and of course vegetables with a few other ingredients as a standard. Only the best chef would start by considering the recipe for roasted bacon. Formats in essay writing are the recipes in cooking. They are equally important. In food preparation, you can mix everything in one cooking pot, add water, and boil them until they are soft enough to be chewed, but how many people will want to eat your food? How would anyone tell the ingredients in the food? Whenever we eat food and we like it we often want to know the ingredients. A well-prepared and served meal will speak for itself. You will not have to bother the cooks with your what and how questions.

When wring an essay, we employ the same logic as in cooking. Once you need to write an essay, you must first consider your knowledge on the essay writing formats. There are essentially three basic parts of an essay, which are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Every essay has the parts that must be properly elaborated.

When someone is reading your essay, they should be able to tell your introduction from your body and finally, they should know a conclusion when they see one. The three parts of an essay are self-explanatory. They are just what they are, literary.

The introduction in essay writing

An introduction will introduce you to the whole essay. It is the first part of an essay wherein, the writer is introduced to their audience, the topic of the essay and the reason why the essay was written are the key features of an introduction. Essay writing is not like in narratives where you just start writing, there are guidelines.

In some types of essay such as research papers and projects, the introduction is more detailed. In such papers, the writer will give all the relevant details about who they are. There would also be an acknowledgement to all that took part or facilitated the project in whichever way. If you are supposed to write such essays, you need to also know the various sub-parts that are contained in every part of an essay.

An introduction can have several crucial parts before moving next to the body. The different parts of an introduction are also listed in a systematic way. They have a particular flow, one to the other just like a recipe. In writing a catchy essay, all the parts must be properly done as per the format rules.

The body in writing a catchy essay

How would you look if you put on pants on your upper body and shirts on your lower body? Believe me everyone you meet will be disturbed and some will run away from you. At this point, your mistake is overturning the dressing convention. No one would care if your pants cost nearly a quarter of a million dollars or if your shirt is a monument, handmade and first worn by the legendary fashionist. It is the same thing with writing an essay. There is a proper way of doing it, follow gradually and let your thoughts and ideas flow naturally.

In good essay writing, the body bears the whole weight of the essay. All your thoughts should be contained in the body. As seen from the above correlation, it is important to follow the format otherwise you will not be writing a catchy essay. The various subparts in the body should be stipulated or rather necessitated by your flow of points. For instance if you have to move from one point to another point where they are not directly linked, it is important to introduce another topic. The body in essay writing has the most subparts.

In some papers like the research papers and proposals, you must show your audience that you have an extensive knowledge on the given topic. You must prove that you have read books and done a lot of research on the topic to authenticate your work. This is only done through citing other people’s work and later referencing them after your conclusion.

A good essay will have a good conclusion. The conclusion must not only wrap up your essay but it must also be objective and connected with your essay. In good essay writing, you should never introduce a new topic in the introduction.

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