Social Science

OW 3302

Midterm Part 2 with Rubric

Summer semester, 2019

This portion of your exam will challenge you to demonstrate your grasp of certain areas of knowledge from the course in a well written essay. The first question is required for all students. For the second question, you will choose one of the three questions offered. Then, guided by your careful reading of the directions, write two 500-word (two pages double spaced) essays. Rubric for the essays is included.

# 1 Required

· A discussion question in your text, Chapter 2, poses the following: To be really good in a career, you first have to love that career. Do you have a passion to provide social services to clients and to improve the lives of others? Why or why not? (page 40)

Directions: As you may have surmised, this is an argumentative essay that includes self- reflection. Argumentative essays generally argue a point or perspective, while reflective essays include personal insights, experiences, observations (behavioral observations in this case). You will combine these two elements in this essay.

First, you will decide whether this statement seems true. You may agree, partially agree, or disagree. Next, read Chapter 2, especially those parts pertaining to social work practice for background.

Look at the rubric for additional guidance as you write your essay.

2. Choose one of the following

Note: As with the first essay, make an argument or offer a main idea as appropriate. Do read the chapter information that inspires the author’s discussion /critical thinking question.

· Do you believe you have the power to “rescue” people who have serious personal problems? (Chapter 2, page 98)

· When you have a conflict with someone, do you seek to resolve it by using a problem-solving approach? Why or why not? (Chapter 2, page 42)

· How high is your interest in working for social and economic justice for populations-at-risk? (Chapter 2, page 95)

· Rubric for Assessment of Essays






Did the student begin with a clear articulation of his/her main idea or thesis?



Statement presents the idea but is not sufficiently strong explained, clear.

Vague or unclear.

MAIN POINTS Body Paragraphs

Did the student develop his/her argument, or idea using relevant information, and personal insights


The main idea or a thesis statement is clearly defined. Relevant information and details are shared from a variety of sources including personal experiences, observations, and prior knowledge. all helpful in clarifying the main idea(s).


Writer shares some relevant information, facts and experiences but more (not repetitious) detail would strengthen the essay.

Not Yet

The main idea is not identifiable. The writer shares some information, but it is limited or unclear. Supporting details are missing or repetitious.



Logical progression of ideas with a clear structure that enhances the thesis. Transitions are mature and graceful.


Logical progression of ideas is present in some areas of essay but is inconsistent.

Transitions may be missing

Not Yet

No discernable organization. Transitions are not present. Connections between ideas seem confusing or incomplete.



Is the language appropriate to the topic and audience?


Writing is honest and professional but non-pretentious with simplicity of expression and varied structure.


May include words that do not convey intended meaning. May include idioms or contractions

Not yet

Writing is confusing, hard to follow. Language is vague. No audience awareness. No variety in sentence structure.


MECHANICS Spelling, sentence structure punctuation, capitalization


Correct. No errors.


Generally correct, with 1 or 2 errors.

Not yet

Distracting errors detract from intended meaning and smooth reading

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