Social Science

DB #7

Discuss the role of cross-cultural workers in empowering and supporting local churches or church planting movements. Focus your answer on contexts outside of the United States.

Winter & Hawthorne:
Article 98 by T. Keller, pp. 615–619
Article 102 by G. Patterson, pp. 633–642
Article 103 by N. Cole, pp. 643–645
Article 104 by D. Garrison, pp. 646–648
Article 105 by A. Jones, pp. 649–652
Article 107 by G. Schwartz, pp. 657–659
Article 109 by P. Parshall, pp. 663–667
“The C-Spectrum” by J. Travis (within Article 109), p. 664–665
Article 111 by R. Lewis, pp. 673–676
“Three Types of Christward Movements” by Brown & Hawthorne (within Article 111), p. 676
“Church Planting in Urban Slums” by G.P. Hubbard (Micah Network)

DB #8

How does what you have learned about God’s global purpose change your perspective on current events and on what it means to follow Christ in our current global context? Describe what steps you will take to become a “world Christian” based on the practices identified in the “Life on Purpose” article.

Winter & Hawthorne:
Article 125 by D. Bryant, pp. 718–721
Article 126 by R. Winter, pp. 722–724
Article 127 by Hickman, Hawthorne & Ahrend, pp. 725–730
Article 128 by R. Winter, pp. 731–737
Article 129 by Bower & Ellis, pp. 737–739
Article 131 by Hoke & Taylor, pp. 742–746
Article 135 by S. Rundle, pp. 757–763
“Blessing Berabistan” by N. Forcier (within Article 135) pp. 758–759
“Tentmakers” by R. Siemens (within Article 135) pp. 760–761
Article 136 “The Lausanne Covenant,” pp. 764–768
Each thread must contain at least 2 citations (1 from the Bible), and each reply must contain at least 1 citation.

Each thread must be at least 250 words (maximum 450 words) and demonstrate course-related knowledge.

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