Social Science


Module 5 Media Response: Sex & Violence in Our Media

Context: We continue to debate the question, “Does violence in our media connect to real-life violence and/or aggression in our communities?” Furthermore, sexual behaviors are often paired with aggression making the outcome more problematic. The question remains complicated and difficult to answer. For this media response, I would like you to spend a little time watching violence on television and/or movies (and we know it will not be hard to find!) First, watch examples of current programming/films (and identify those titles in your paper) that might be of interest to a youth audience and analyze what you see.

Instructions: What is it about these aggressive portrayals in programming/film (e.g., use of weapons, consequences of actions, character qualities, story lines, production features/graphics, etc.) that might attract the attention of young viewers and influence their behaviors, attitudes, and/or emotions? What other variables in the lives of children and adolescents might help to temper or limit the influences of violent content in the media? [If you choose, you can also play a popular violent video game of interest to a youth audience and answer the same set of questions.] Support your observations and positions with information/evidence from this topic’s readings and media clips.


Chapter 4&5 in the book I attached.

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