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The Case of Jerry

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The Case of Jerry

Jerry is a 53-year-old man scheduled to be released from prison in 2 weeks. He served a 20-year sentence for the rape of a 12-year-old girl. In his initial intake interview, Jerry admitted to being sexually attracted to young girls. He stated he had difficulty controlling his urges, which led to the crime he committed. Jerry has received counseling while in prison, but will still need to undergo treatment when he is released.

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The Case of Sal

Sal is a 20-year-old man currently in prison for molesting his 4-year-old cousin, Maria. Sal, who was living with Maria’s family and was often responsible for babysitting her, had been molesting Maria for 6 months. Sal initially enticed Maria through playing a game. When she would lose, he would tell her she could either allow him to touch her, or he would tell her mom she had lost the game and she would get in trouble. Sal also told Maria she needed to keep their game a secret, because he did not want her to get in trouble. Maria broke down in preschool and told her teacher about the incidents of molestation. The teacher immediately called the police, and Sal was arrested.

Sal tried to minimize the situation and his offense by stating “it was only touching.” He also tried to justify the offense by stating Maria enjoyed the game they played. Sal is currently undergoing psychological rehabilitation treatment at the prison.

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