Social Science

World Music Optional Concert for Concert Report – Guitar and World Music Traditions by Fernando Perez

Watch the YouTube concert and answer the questions below – you can include one word answers where applicable. You don’t need complete sentences.

Piece 1 –

What is the name of the first piece?

How would you describe it?

Describe some of the techniques that he uses while performing this song.

Piece 2- What is the name of the style of second piece?

What country does this piece come from? Name some of the areas.

What is a kora? Look it up on Google.

Piece 3-

What Island does he discuss for this piece?

What is the door of no return?

What style of piece is this?

How would you describe this piece?

What does he do with his fourth finger on his left hand with the guitar?

Piece 4 –

What country does this style come from? (Hint: He uses a habanera rhythm)

Piece 5 –

What type of piece is this?

Who does he describe in this piece? What is the story about?

Piece 6 –

What type of piece is this? What type of guitar is he describing and performing?

What does it include in his hand? How is this guitar played that is different from other guitars?

Piece 7 –

What type of piece is this?

Describe this style of music?

Piece 8 – What country is this from?

What instrument does he describe? Guqin or Pipa?

Piece 9 –

What country is this piece from?

He describes a Veena from India. Google Veena and look at this instrument.

He describes the song and explains that it is based on a particular Indian mode… What is a mode in India called?

Piece 10 –

Where does this piece come from? What types of notes are used in this piece, that are not used in music in other parts of the world?

He mentions the mode from the Middle East. What is the term for mode in the Middle East?

Piece 11 –

Where does this piece come from? What peoples? (you can be general) – Pakistan

Piece 12 – Final Piece

What type of music?

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