Social Science


May 23, 2016

EDL 512

My life

I’m Hibah. I’m an international student. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Reading books grow up with me since I was a little girl; all because of my father. He helps us to understand the world from his own eyes and perspective. He was creating his stories. My reading and my books are in Arabic; all these stories had a moral purpose even in our school curriculum books, and some of it was a historical story. Our curriculum for the first four years in school is full of stories about what can help the students in their school year.

My dad’s favorite story called “Joha.” I grow up learning the values from Joha’s stories, its funny and have a huge meaning. As I grow up, I learned how to be a good friend and how to take care of my friends, and all that reflect on a story called “Friends.”

At the same time, I love red.. which means that I’m shy, and I don’t talk to strangers, the story of red riding hood in the Arabic version we learn how to avoid strangers. I wasn’t that old when I started my library; my collection was full of all kinds of books and at that time, my favorite was Harry Potter.

My father didn’t like it, but I got my dad’s Stubbornness, which makes me buying the book and read it later.

One of my problems is that I have Dislocated at birth which affects my walking and my ability to do what other kids do, the book“please stop laughing at me” but after this book I felt differently. I start to be more comfortable with my ability. Another book adds to my life a lot and especially in my field; this book is child called it. This book makes me do all my best to my students because no one know what is happening to the student at home or what is the type of care that he needs it. Also, I learned from my two favorite books “ Cinderella and H.R.H” both of them talked about how to believe in yourself; even if you are a princess or a regular girl, you can be what you want.

Last but not least; this Fall I’m going to graduate from the college of education in early intervention filed. What I’m hoping to learn is who to create great stories and class materials for my Future Students.

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