Number of pages: 2 (550 words) Academic Level: Postgraduate Deadline: 3.5 hours from now Instructions: Astronauts on extended missions, such as those who may go to Mars, may have increased anxiety levels that can be very problematic in enclosed areas or in space suits. You wish to determine which method of anxiety reduction is best without affecting safety or astronaut performance/health. The three options are: medication, meditation practice, or both. Based upon this information, write 0Section III of a research proposal (as outlined in Chapter 5 of the book) to include the data needed, how the data would be collected methodology, and treatment(s). Be sure to use a correlational, quasi-experimental, or experimental design as outlined in the readings. The assignment should be at least two (2) pages (size 12 font, double spaced) not including references, title pages, figures, or tables. Chap 5 Outline) Data and the treatment of the data A) The data needed and the means for obtaining the data B) The research methodology C) The specific treatment of the data for each subproblem 1) Subproblem The data needed to address the subproblem The treatment of the data 2) Subproblem Additional subproblems are discussed in the same manner.

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