H 235: Health Care Services

Textbook : Niles, N. J. (2014). Basics of the US health care system (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Shi, L., & Singh, D.A. (2015) Delivering health care in America: A systems approach (6th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Instructions: Please ensure to substantiate your response with scholarly sources and/or also a personal account of your own experience in the work place or personal life. Cite and reference work! QUESTIONS 1 – 7 USE TEXBOOK ABOVE & FOR QUESTIONS 1,2 & 3 PLEASE SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS.

1. Read Chapter 2 Beliefs, Values, and Health and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 2 attached. Must be 200 word count.

1. Read Chapter 3 Current Operations and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 3 attached. Must be 200 word count.

1. Read Chapter 4 Government’s Role in U.S. Health Care and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 4 attached. Must be 200 word count.

1. What can the United States’ health care system learn from health care systems in other countries? 200 word count

1. As someone here mentioned, there is no perfect health care system however there has to be a better one then what we have now.  I have been pulling up as much as I can on the Internet just to get some additional information and a lot of what I have read is Canada seems to have a good health care system that seems to be equal of that of the United States however the cost is much cheaper then what the U.S. The Affordable Care Act that the United States has may have improved in the way that consumers have access to purchasing an insurance plan, however some of those plans may have high deductibles and co payments, so consumers are unable to meet those costs and therefore are still basically without the insurance coverage they need because the costs are just too high. Another thing that I have learned as well is that one of the reasons the United States health care costs so much is the high cost of prescriptions, hospital stays and surgical procedures one may need.  An example would be a surgical procedure in Germany or France could cost $3000 and for the exact same procedure in the U.S. could cost $13,000.  Why is that?  Why can’t the U.S. follow in the foot steps of other countries and provide the health coverage that this country needs for its people?  Why deny anyone for medical coverage and or care that they may need in order to become and or stay healthy?  The U.S. should provide and allow access to all care and that no one can be denied because they do not carry insurance, no work, no job or whatever the case may be, no one should be denied this service.  The U.S should provide healthcare to all of it’s citizens and really should take a good look at the other countries that do provide this service and maybe learn from them.  It it’s working for other countries then I’m sure it can work for the U.S. What reactions do you have to the ideas they presented? Include examples from the course readings or your own experience to support your perspective, and raise questions to continue the dialogue. 100 to 150 words

1. What is one area of health care worker shortage?   What is the reason for this shortage?  How would you address this shortage?  How does this shortage affect the services available? 200 word count

1. The shortage in Primary Care will only seem to get worse. My current organization has a residency program and in the years I have been with the organization the number of residents seem to be decreasing each year. The interest in primary care is just not as desirable as those in specialized medicine. There with an aging population, population growth and more people with health coverage due to the affordable care act, the demand for primary care is growing. This along with the strive for primary based medicine which it to help reduce the cost and increase quality of care is only going to increase the demand even further. How can primary care become more enticing to medical students? I know that more medical schools are being opened and community based residency programs but is that enough? What reactions do you have to the ideas they presented? Include examples from the course readings or your own experience to support your perspective, and raise questions to continue the dialogue. 100 to 150 words

1. Read the article “Price transparency needed from all stakeholders, HFMA task force says” on the Modern Healthcare website. Discuss your thoughts in 150 words

1. Watch the videos on health care job opportunities on the Files on Demand website. Discuss your thoughts in 200 words.

1. Read and discuss the article Stakeholder Partners: The New Landscape in U.S. Healthcare

1. Select two health care service providers below. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that discusses the health care service providers selected and the products and support they provide.

Providers of Service Options:

· Preventive care or public health

· Ambulatory or primary care

· Subacute or long-term care

· Acute care

· Auxiliary services

· Rehabilitative services

· End-of-life care

· Mental health services

· Emergency management or disaster preparedness

· Dental services

· Military and veteran services

· Indian health services

Include the following in your paper:

· Identify the selected health care service provider.

· Identify two services and products they provide to help with quality of care.

Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed or scholarly reference and your textbook to support your information. Include an introduction, conclusion, and a reference page.

H 475: Leadership and Performance Development

TexbookLedlow, G. R., & Coppola, M. N. (2014). Leadership for Health Professionals (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett.


1. Read Chapter 8 Leadership Models in Practice and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 8 attached.

1. Read Chapter 11 Measuring the Outcomes of Leadership INITIATIVES and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 11 attached.

1. Read Chapter 12 Understanding the Executive Roles and discuss what you found the most or least interesting. See Chapter 12 attached.

1. What are some of the ways you have seen employers measure the accountability of their staff? Were these measurements effective? Why or why not? Why is measurement of accountability important to an organization? 200

1. Most of the professionals in health care have some type of continuing education and they are held accountable in their job.  Doctors and nurses seem to have more units of education to complete than any other profession.  With our hospital we normally give doctors a stipend to go on a trip to get their continuing education but for some reason our company does not help the nurses pay for their continuing education.  Does your hospital help pay for the nursing continuing education?  Why?  Why not? 100- 150 words

1. I like the fact that you review the employees performance biannually because it helps them understand how important they are to the success of the organization.  It gives the employees the opportunity to improve their performance and meet the goals that are set for them two times a year.  We only have yearly employee reviews but I have monthly reviews with our directors so they know what is expected of them financially and review the importance of customer service.  How important it is to meet with employees to review their job performance?  How often does this happen at your workplace? 100- 150 words

1. What tools and techniques do health care organizations use to empower their staff? How do they ensure the tools and techniques they are using are implemented effectively? 200 words

1. How would you empower yourself as a leader when there is a negative morale and resistance from staff? 200 words

1.  If I am a leader and someone comes to me and says Fred is a bully and he is causing problems for me and I am scared of him.  I as a leader would call Fred in and talk to him about the complaint and let him know if it continues or if there is any retaliation toward anyone in the department he will be written up and possibly fired.  A leader does not allow their employees to come to work in fear.  What are your thoughts on this?  How would you handle a bully in the workplace if you are a leader? 100- 150 words

1. Negative morale can spread like a cancer through the organization. It can be started by a rumor or through an actual event. At my previous organization we had under gone a reduction in force causing suspicion and doubt throughout the organization. There was speculation as to why some employees were let go and others were not. The best way that all of this speculation was handled was to deal with it head on. After the RIF had happened there was a mandatory staff meeting where the CEO addressed the finances and HR addressed the criteria of how individuals were selected. This was helpful to staff. Keeping the morale up after an event like this takes a lot of work and reassurance. Anytime an employee left the organization people would question why and what happened, even if it was the employees choice. Building morale can be done through open honest communication, team building exercises with rewards and implementing suggestions that employees make. 100- 150 words

1. What tools and techniques would you use to motivate your staff if you were the head of a nursing home? Would your tools and techniques differ if you were the head of a hospital? Why do you think those tools and techniques would work or not work given your specific environment? 200 words

1. Read the following scenario: You have each been promoted as part of a new management team for an assisted living facility. During the past two months, you have noticed an increase in conflicts between your co-workers and another department–radiology, pharmacy, or dietary, for example. Your boss sees this as an issue and has tasked you as a management team to find a solution.

Create a 1- 3 slides just write an Introduction and conclusion that addresses the following:

· What elements are found in an effective health care work group?

· What are some barriers to communication that may cause conflict in a group?

· What communication techniques may be used to avoid conflicts in a team wherein individuals hold different roles?

· How can communication between departments in your organization be improved to avoid conflict?

· What strategies could be used to ensure this conflict does not happen again? What would a leader do to prevent it?

· Describe how you would address the conflicts that arise between a team and another department to ensure a successful negotiation.

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