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Introduction to the Paper

Start your paper with an introduction to the process you are going to use in your diagram. Remember to include a substantive purpose statement.

Workflow Process

Insert the Workflow Chart after you introduce the process.

( Politely decline services ) ( End ) ( No ) ( Record the caller’s message, name, and contact information. Forward to intended recipient. ) ( Yes ) ( Politely ask the caller to try again at a better time. ) ( No ) ( Does the caller wish to leave a message? ) ( Transfer caller to requested recipient. ) ( Inform caller and requested recipient of impending transfer. ) ( Yes ) ( Is the caller’s requested recipient available? ) ( No ) ( Yes ) ( Is the call a sales call? ) ( Identify caller and caller inquiry. ) ( Answer phone with salutation and company identification. ) ( Start )

Figure 1. Workflow of Sample Process (This should occur after the figure).

Explanation of the Workflow Process

Explain the process you have diagrammed. For each step or decision point in the process, identify the following: Explain who completes this step (It can be several people.). Describe the technology used at each step. If there is no technology used in the process, please just state there in no technology used in the workflow process. Discuss the policies and rules are that are involved in determining how, when, why, or where the step is executed. Identify what information is needed for the execution of each step.

Metric used for Workflow Evaluation

Describe the metric that is currently used to measure the soundness of the workflow. Discuss whether the current metric is effective.

Areas for Improvement

Describe any areas where improvements could occur and propose changes that could bring about these improvements in the workflow.


Conclude your paper. Summarize why it is important to be aware of the flow of an activity.


Bradley, P. (2006). The history of simulation in medical education and possible future directions. Medical Education40(3), 254-262.

Good, M. (2003). Patient simulation for training basic and advanced clinical skills. Medical Education3714-21.

Gordon, C., & Buckley, T. (2009). The effect of high-fidelity simulation training on medical-surgical graduate nurses’ perceived ability to respond to patient clinical emergencies. Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing40(11), 491-500.

Please remember that the reference page should only include references cited in the body of your paper. You need to integrate additional resources and course readings in your paper, to earn an excellent rating you need to integrate 2 or more credible additional sources and 3-4 course resources into your application assignments.

There are several important points covered in the “Guidance for Application Assignments” I wanted to highlight:

· The use of direct quotes is discouraged and should only be used when the source material uses language that is particularly striking or notable.

· The introduction should provide an overview of the topic, the purpose of the paper, and topics that will be addressed.

· Credible sources include scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles, evidence based resources, and professional (.org), educational (.edu), and government websites (.gov). Commercial websites (.com) are not considered credible sources.

· When selecting articles for course assignments, you are advised (unless you are referencing seminal information) to focus on work published within the past five years.

Please do not include the grading rubric as it sometimes inflates Turnitin similarity scores.

Running head:



Title of Your Paper

Your Name

Walden University

Course number and section


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