Rewriting Paragraph – Critical Tips to Make Your Essay Stand Out

The writing knack is a natural gift to some people, but, anyone can still learn how to do it correctly. Some circumstances can make you want to paraphrase some work. For instance, you might want to write something, and since you lack the ideas, you decide to borrow some tips from an existing paper. Also, you may want to add content to your blog, and you don’t have time to create paragraphs right from scratch. You can turn an existing text in your own words. This saves both your hassle and time.Herein, we provide some critcal tips and guidelines for rewriting paragraph to ensure your academic piece stands out.

In this article, we will show you how to rewrite paragraph so that you don’t have to fret next time. It is easy to use the original text and construct your own without changing the message conveyed. Before you start, you should first;

  1. Understand the basics

Know the meaning of rewriting paragraph

This just means using somebody’s written work to make your own without changing the original meaning. It is just expressing the ideas differently. It is a useful skill that plays a significant role when writing an article or essay.

You will be required to give credit to the work you are using but put it in another way other than the direct quotation. When you alter the information, the final work may fit and sound better hence making you have a better flow of ideas.

Understand the difference between rewriting paragraph and summarizing paragraph

These two can confuse you, right? They are both ways of rewriting paragraph. In both, you use the same text although summarizing is entirely different as you can copy the message directly. For instance, if the original sentence is,” the fox stayed alert all day long, watching for the rabbits next move.”

The paraphrased sentence could be, “the fox remained alert as it surveyed the rabbit’s movements.”

The summarized example could be,” foxes tend to hunt rabbits using their eyes and ears.”

Keep in mind that it’s not a must to make the new paragraph shorter- unlike summarizing; rewriting can sometimes be longer than the original work. It, however, depends on how you want it to look like.

  1. Paraphrasing paragraph correctly

When you want to rewrite a particular work, you should ensure that you change the wording successfully. That is, you are supposed to have a unique method of expressing the ideas hence diction is crucial. When paraphrasing, choose the words carefully, let them mean the same thing but don’t copy directly, for example, if you want to let people know how to ride a bike and the writer has said “climb on the bicycle,” you can say ” sit on the bikes chair.” Mostly, both have the same meaning but are worded differently.

  1. Use a thesaurus to assist you in the wording

If you find it hard for to think of another word that has a similar meaning, (synonyms), you can get help from a thesaurus. However, be extremely careful while choosing to make sure that you don’t choose words that don’t fit well.  For instance, you can use the word “protest” in place of “grumble.” These two are synonyms in the thesaurus although their connotation is not the same. In many cases, “protest” is linked to politics unlike “grumble.”

  1. Create syntax for the paragraph rewrite

Paraphrasing does not just have to be related to the chosen word. In some instances, it depends on the structure and the syntax.

“Syntax” means how the words are put in the sentence. For example, “Jane kept on staring at the sun when eating the orange.” This sentence is different syntactically from” Jane ate her oranges while staring at the sun.”

  1. Change the paragraphs structure

“Structure” is the way in which the paragraphs and sentences have been put. Of course, you want your final statement to make sense. You want to make the reader understand what you are talking about. , nonetheless, there is still a wiggle room of perfecting the flow of the paragraph.  When rephrasing paragraph, you can’t just replace the words with their synonyms and then leave it there.

You are required to completely restructure it but makes sure it does not lose the meaning. For example, if the sentence that you want to rewrite is “Maggie swerved in the way to prevent hitting the deer. However, this became hard, and she accidentally hit the tree. She blacked out due to the injuries she got and woke up in the hospital the following day.”

Rewriting paragraph could read like” while Maggie was driving, she saw a deer in the road. She tried her best to avoid hitting it and accidentally hit a tree. She lost her consciousness and survived the incident with minor injuries.”

Also, understand that the same paragraph can be written in different formats. The vital point of it is to avoid changing the meaning.

When writing your paragraph, you can decide to:

  • Read, understand it then hide it to rewrite paragraph
  • Read and rewrite without hiding

In the first method, you can go through the entire paragraph, understand the message entirely then hide it and write everything in your own words. It is the best method because it prevents you from copying the work directly. However, you have to be extremely smart to avoid getting lost.

In the second method, you rewrite paragraph without hiding. The plan is not highly recommendable as it can lead to plagiarism. It is however not bad if the paragraph has some numerical or calculations.

  1. Compare the paragraphs

Once you are done with the rewriting paragraph, compare what you have written to the original one. Has the new paragraph retained the original meaning? Are the two distinguishable? If you are not satisfied with the results, make the necessary edits.

  1. Run the paragraph in a plagiarism checker

After doing the manual checker, it’s essential to pass the work through A plagiarism software to be certain that the work is 100% unique.

This is the basic guideline of how you can effectively rewrite paragraph. Although people have different styles of handling creative writing, these tips can help you get started.

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