PACO 500

Final Project Grading Rubric


Criteria Points Possible Points Earned
Paper Content & Organization

· Cover sheet, Abstract, Table of Contents, References, Grading Rubric, and correct file name are included.

· Annotated outline presented with appropriate headings and organizational clarity.

· Abstract included: clearly identified student’s relational style, hallmark purpose for life, and soul-care context; pre-determined care-seeker, relational style, presenting behavioral position and problem/issue.

· Introduction: clearly presented a rationale for project, overview of SBSPC strategy, its strengths & suitability for a specific soul-care context; and described design and objectives accomplished.

Counseling Content & Organization

· All four phases of SBSPC strategy are identified with sufficient organizational clarity and logical flow in annotated outline format.

· Satisfactory presentation of SBSPC distinctive features and skills

· Major points are primarily supported from the readings with citations, good examples (pertinent personal or conceptual examples are acceptable), and thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, presenting clear rationales).

· Where appropriate, the paper integrates spiritual formation truths, insights, and techniques.

Introduction/Conclusion Content & Research Expectations

· A clear & convincing “So what?” is presented.

· Important ideas are reinforced, including a subject matter “take away.”

· Presentations and handouts are utilized and cited.

· At least 2 citations per 5 required texts (10) and DISC assessment (2)

· Body of paper does not exceed 14 pages.

Readability and current APA Guidelines

· Spelling and grammar are correct.

· Sentences are complete, clear, and concise.

· Annotations contain appropriately varied sentence structures, double-spaced, and typed in 12 pt Times New Roman font.

· In-text citations and references used appropriately and correctly.

Total: 75

Instructor’s Comments:

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