Mentalism and Radical Behaviorism


Mentalistic or behavioristic


If mentalisitic, provide an alternative

Bobby dropped his pencil and got out of his seat to retrieve it each time the teacher asked him to write his name.
Ava was very happy at school today. Her teacher stated that she loved playing with other children at school.
Stacy calls to make an appointment at her doctor’s office, because she knows she has the flu.
Dana ate cake after having a long day to uplift her emotions.
Every time the instructor asks Johnny to wash his hands, he walks to the sink, turns the water on, and washes his hands.
Elizabeth follows her mother’s directions, because she knows she will be rewarded for appropriate behavior when she does.
Kevin broke his pencil, because he was frustrated with the questions on his math test.
Each time the buzzer sounds, the rat approaches the lever and presses it. When this occurs, a food pellet is produced.
It is observed that each time the light is on, the rat presses the lever and a food pellet is delivered.
Alicia got a 100% on her exam, because she is smart.

Analyze how the behavioristic approach is different from most other psychology fields:

(be sure to include references.)



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