Running Head: My Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar

My Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar: Industrial Organizational Psychology

Davina Drayton

Capella University


I/O Psychology is scientific research for professionals of being aware of human behaviors.

This is the study and understanding the behavioral types within the workforce, of enriching a meaningful and productive workplace for Human Resources. Industrial Psychology will explore everyday behaviors; of employees work performance of determining deterrents they encounter, being either motivational or expectations of pay to increase the probability to have long-term employment and productivity gains. I will research and study to use my knowledge and skills to increase the organizational effectiveness of improving individual performance.

Keywords: Practitioner-Scholar, Human Behaviors


My Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar

In my career, I have seemed to experience it all such as layoffs, budgets cuts, and company reconstruction, which resulted in either taking a position that I did not enjoy, or collecting unemployment of sustaining myself while looking for employment. All of these can be very challenging and disheartening for families. I am a government contractor, during the government shutdown we can see how many families’ lives are affected; not getting a salary therefore, some agencies forced their employees to come to work without pay. Nobody wants to work free, employees are not to “sit and wait” without compensation.

When I decided to pursue Industrial Psychology, these are the issues is what I want to research , I’m not being in control of what government does, now that employees are back working, how are they adjusting after the shutdown, or is there still motivation to continue working for the government?

My short-term goals guides the practitioner-scholar model, which entails that learn these practices used to support employees through transitional periods (McClintock, 2004).

My Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar

The practitioner-scholar model structures my career at the master’s level into four functions: acquiring information, processing information, evaluating new strategies, and applying and monitoring new strategies or approaches to the discipline (Capella, 2003).

Next, the practitioner-scholar model is be able to both apply research and theory, as well as create new strategies and approaches that will build on the approach taken to apply those theories learned. I will study and research different organizations of identifying a variety of ways to help solve human and organizational problems in the workplace such as optimizing the quality of work life; Formulating and implementing training programs and evaluating their effectiveness;

Coaching employees and organization leaders; developing criteria to evaluate performance of individuals and organizations; Assessing consumer preferences, customer satisfaction and market.


Throughout my graduate studies, I will learn how to study how organizations operate of supporting and helping to solve human and organizational problems in the workplace. I will play a role in constructing and implementing a happy, productive workplace not just for employees but also leadership.

My Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar

Industrial organizational Psychology (IO-Psychology) is a gaining and developing career field that supports and coincides with Human Resources Organizational Development. Human Resources components do not change; Organizational Psychologist is bringing innovative changes through research and theory.

Working with leaders and management to identify organizations effectiveness of pursuance strategic objectives. Psychology is very vital in the workplace being that the average person spends roughly 70,000 hours at work during the course of their life. When employees are overworked, they become resentful of the company and less invested in its success. Organizational Psychologists facilitate company’s spot areas where they can reduce stress related to the job, from making tasks more fun to ensuring adequate rest and vacation time.

I can learn, research through applicant testing, leadership development to create a diverse work life balance.

Planning and designing strategies to avoid pitfalls of having a “house divided” of mergers and layoffs. My goal is to become an expert on change management and designing or delivering a program to attract, and implement new approaches such as retention, and talent planning for future and existing workplace talent needs.

My desired job title is to include Organizational Development Specialist or Learning& Development Specialist. I have not networked with anyone professionally in my field, researching online communities; attending conferences therefore, I can get exposure and training to gain understanding of work settings.

My Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar


McClintock, C. (2004). Scholar practitioner Model. In A. DiStefano, K.E. Rudestam,& R. J. Silverman (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Distributed Learning (pp.394-397). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE

pg. 6

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