(1 pts.) Which of the following facts from the case of Kay Redfield Jamison would be of most interest to a behavior geneticist? The fact that her


A) family moved a lot when she was a child.

B) first bout with a mood episode occurred when she was a teenager.

C) aunt was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

D) father suffered from severe depressive episodes.


# 1.45

(1 pts.) Dr. Jaspers feels that Rhonda’s manic episode is an unconscious defense that she is using to guard against sinking into a state of gloom and despair. Based on this information Dr. Jaspers’ orientation is most likely


A) humanistic.

B) behavioral.

C) existential.

D) psychodynamic.


# 1.46

(1 pts.) Which of the following statements best describes the psychodynamic component of the interpersonal theory of depression?


A) The theory emphasizes id ego and superego.

B) The theory incorporates behavioral contracting.

C) The theory explores the disturbed attachment bonds from early childhood.

D) The theory posits psychosexual stages of development.


# 1.47

(1 pts.) Mary has been in a continual state of dysfunction that has kept her from feeling truly happy or well-adjusted but she has never had a full-blown depressive episode. Mary might be diagnosed as suffering from


A) cyclothymic disorder.

B) dysthymic disorder.

C) bipolar disorder.

D) major depressive disorder.


# 1.48

(1 pts.) Although Katy is on medication to control her bipolar disorder, her psychiatrist is still concerned that she may have another manic episode in the weeks to come. Katy’s doctor is worried about the phenomenon known as


A) directing.

B) kindling.

C) snow-balling.

D) spontaneous recovery.


# 1.49

(1 pts.) Harriet’s therapist is focusing on how the death of her husband has disrupted her important automatic behavior patterns or “scripts” and how this disruption seems to be worsening her depression. Based on this information, what kind of orientation does Harriet’s therapist seem to have?


A) psychodynamic

B) cognitive

C) behavioral

D) humanistic


# 1.50

(1 pts.) Debbie has been diagnosed with the rapid cycling type of bipolar disorder. Which of the following types of medication is most likely to help her improve?


A) lithium carbonate

B) selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

C) monoamine oxidase inhibitors

D) anticonvulsant medications


# 1.51

(1 pts.) Margaret is highly committed to dying but she has chosen to ingest ten aspirin tablets. Her suicide attempt would be described as being ______ in suicidal intent and ______ in suicidal lethality.


A) low; low

B) high; high

C) low; high

D) high; low


# 1.52

(1 pts.) In the textbook case, David Marshall’s belief that television commercials were specifically directed to him is referred to as a delusion of


A) persecution.

B) reference.

C) grandeur.

D) nihilism.


# 1.53

(1 pts.) Charlie, a client with schizophrenia, is being encouraged by his therapist to talk with his co-workers and ask them about their personal lives in hopes that he will learn that they are not aliens from Venus trying to take over Earth. The therapist is asking Charlie to use a technique best known as


A) reality testing.

B) labeling.

C) verbal challenge.

D) didactic listening.


# 1.54

(1 pts.) Jennifer recently experienced a brief psychotic episode soon after her miscarriage. The symptoms lasted a little less than a month. Jennifer had experienced


A) schizophreniform disorder.

B) schizoid personality disorder.

C) brief psychotic disorder.

D) disorganized schizophrenia.


# 1.55

(1 pts.) Reggie thinks that the any marital discord between the president and his wife is because the First Lady is secretly in love with him and wishes to spend the rest of her life with him. Which type of psychosis is Reggie suffering from?


A) paranoid schizophrenia

B) delusional disorder, erotomanic type

C) schizoaffective disorder

D) disorganized schizophrenia


# 1.56

(1 pts.) Because of the vagueness and generality of the criteria at the time, an individual diagnosed as having schizophrenia in the 1960s


A) would probably not meet the current criteria for the disorder.

B) would probably not recover as quickly as someone diagnosed now.

C) would probably now be diagnosed as having an organic dementia.

D) would probably have more limited symptoms than someone diagnosed now.


# 1.57

(1 pts.) Frank seems to welcome the sympathy and attention that he gets from his parents when he has a psychotic episode. Which of the following might be maintaining his symptoms?


A) negative reinforcement

B) primary gain

C) secondary gain

D) vicarious reinforcement

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