Research Proposal Writing Tips

Ever wondered what a proposal paper is? Worry not, it is just as it sounds! A paper basically suggesting an idea and giving some convincing evidence to a reader on why that idea is good or bad. Writing a proposal that will yield to grades for you is breathtaking. That is why this article will clearly elaborate on critical tips to an effective and convincing proposal.

  1. Know Your Audience Better

The main motive of a proposal is leaving your target reader that the idea you proposed is worth pursuing or not worth it. It is thus key determining your audience to that end. If the paper is primarily business, then justify your idea by pointing out some possible benefits in terms of finance.

  1. Conduct a Thorough Research

It is always secure to have some secondary sources to support the claims you are making in your proposal. Spending substantial time talking to experts in the area or even reading their written work is inevitable.

  1. Have a Pre-Write

A good paper will always start with a draft of brainstormed ideas. This way, you get a bunch of ideas then select and arrange them in an order that seems best for you.

  1. Revise Your Paper Always

It is suicidal to turn in a first draft paper. You have that trusted college or peer who can peer review your work. Let them go through that paper and make the necessary recommendations. It is only wisdom for you to work on the recommended changes.

  1. Make Sure You Incorporate the Following Parts in Your Paper

Always have a clear introduction that is also precise. Here you will just inform the reader subject of your idea and give a brief history of it if applicable. It will do you some good to introduce your paper with statistics, facts or anecdote. This is how the reader’s attention will be grabbed.

Have a statement of purpose. Under this action, discuss briefly what your actual idea is all about. It is the main vein of the paper.

Plan of actions is another significant part to consider. Just tell your audience how you will ago about achieving the proposed idea. Be convincing, detailed and anticipate potential problems you will encounter during implementation.

  1. What are Your Desired Outcomes?

State what goals your proposal will achieve. It is that simple! it might friction with the benefits of implementing your idea but here, the difference is one. Drill your point home clearly.


Having gone through the tips elaborated above, scoring the highest in your essay is not optional; it can only be a must!

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