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Forms of Government

Krista Kim

Rasmussen College

Author Note

This paper is being submitted on November 26th, 2017, for Kristen Rozeboom’s Fall/Mid Quarter Political Thoughts.

Forms of Government

Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, believed that democracy was the best form of government. Through democracy, he believed that a constitutional government was the best form of government to govern. Democracy is a form of government where citizen have the supreme power and they exercise this power by electing people to elect other people to represent them. Aristotle differed with Plato’s idea of government. He argued that a better form of government is the one that worked for the common good through realistic means. Plato, a Greek philosopher too, believed that philosophers should rule which affirmed on individuals with wisdom and virtues. He believed in aristocracy as the best form of government. An aristocracy is a form of government where a family with the highest class in a society should rule (Rowe & Wood, 1978). This is more of a monarchy type of rule.

Democracy form of government is characterized by freedom and equality (Frank, 2005). The citizens are all equal before the law. Monarchy form of government views its leaders as superior as they are not restricted by the law as they themselves do make these laws without any objection. Aristotle explained that a democratic government would allow people to choose a leader of their choice. Also, democracy promised individuals certain liberties and freedoms which were protected by a constitution. On the other hand, Plato’s monarchy form of government could not allow people to select a leader of their choice as power and leadership were passed to the next kin. The privileges and liberties of the people were limited as this depended on the leader in holding the position.

The best form of government to govern is the democratic government as this allows every citizen to express their views and there is a constitution that protects their rights. The good thing about this kind of government is that nobody is above the law as compared to monarchy form of government. The government of many is the best to govern.

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