Political Science

Report #2: Findings of the Louisiana Survey

Before beginning this assignment, make certain that you have read Chapter 6 in your text (“Public Opinion and Political Action”). Then read The Louisiana Survey 2019 (see link below) and write a brief report. The report should contain three separate sections that address all the points in each question. Notice the expected word count for each section (exceeding the word count will not negatively affect your grade, but please try to stay within the range).

1. Describe the views of Louisiana residents concerning taxes. Be certain to indicate how some voters have misperceptions about taxes – specify what voters misperceive and indicate what implications this might have for state policies. (150-200 words)

2. What are Louisiana residents’ views concerning increasing the minimum wage? How are these opinions affected when respondents are reminded of the costs of boosting the minimum wage (potentially higher prices for goods and services)? (150-200 words)

3. Summarize what the report finds concerning the support of Louisiana residents for Medicaid expansion. In your description indicate how opinions vary depending on what information respondents are provided about Medicaid (150-200 words).

Be careful not to plagiarize. If you want to quote from the report, do so by using quotation marks and by also indicating the page number where the quote is found. But try to do this sparingly by using your own words to address the questions.

In your writing, use an analytical tone that is free of your personal opinions. In other words, try to answer the questions in a straightforward and objective manner.

A link to the report can be found here: Louisiana Survey 2019

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