Political Science

This is an example to follow : point out an subject from the reading and write about it + question at the end to ask . write a dissection question from the reading chapter 4 ( pdf ) 1-2 paragraph , half page + add source and page numper

This is the example ( just to look at do not answer this question ) example: Chapter four reading had me think a lot about the ability of the federal government to use ad hoc budgeting practices. The text claims that when “formal rules do not work well… informal rules take over…” which seems like a logical step as we see it in many areas of the public/government sector (Rubin, pg. 176). However, the use of ad hoc budgeting practices as the text mentions often results in a budget that has changing and unstable rules (Rubin, pg.). This also means that planning for expenditures can be difficult if not impossible resulting in the need to increase our deficit to fund such unaccounted costs.

The issue of ad hoc budgeting seems that it causes a lot of confusion, instability, and overall lack of formal and recognized paths to form a budget and pass it. What I found interesting is that states have a less complicated budget process as expected and also do less ad hoc budgeting. My question is if ad hoc budgeting occurs at the federal level more as a possible result of not having any true budget limits/caps meaning they can accrue a deficit while many states have states have constitutional requirements to balance their budget?

question: Page 173, Figure 4.1 depicts the defense supplementals and nondefense supplementals of Emergency Supplemental Appropriations, Dense and Nondefense, 2000-2013. In the year 2005 we see a huge increase in nondefense supplementals – do we think this is the result of Hurricane Katrina?

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