Political Science

Assignment: Personal Experience Essay 

Purpose: The personal experience paper is one method that you can use to tell your story focusing on your accomplishments or lack of accomplishments, trials, and tribulations during deployments or garrison operations or the performance of your units contributed to the preservation of NCO history.  This documentation will help NCOs understand situations, find causes, arrive at justifiable conclusions, make good judgments, learn from experience, and view problems from several perspectives.  The Personal Experience Papers (PEP) produced will add numerous memoirs to the history of the Noncommissioned Officer Corps.

As senior leaders, Sergeants Major develops subordinate members of their organization by employing strategies learned over the course of a career.  Experiences from varied assignments, both positive and challenging, shape the way leaders engage in their evaluation and professional development of the subordinate leaders and soldiers of the unit.  The purpose of this essay is to submit your approach to developing the members of your unit for organizational success, and explore how your experiences have contributed to your personal development of this philosophy.

Assignment Instructions: Write a personal 4-5 page experience paper (not including cover and references page) that highlights an individual strategy or experience you have had that helped develop you personally and how that experience had an impact on developing the members of your unit.  In your paper, describe ways in which your personal experiences have influenced a positive outcome or negative outcome.  Adhere to APA standards with 3 Level 1 headings.

Types of personal experiences to consider:

· Deployments for Peacekeeping or combat operations

· Experiences that will impact or enrich the NCO Corps such as overcoming a difficult leadership challenge

· A significant individual or unit accomplishment

· Leadership lesson learned

· Challenges in managing talent within your organization

· Increasing your organization’s adaptability

The focus for this paper should be key events from your personal life or service experience; explaining how the events and experiences could have an impact or enrich the Noncommissioned Officer Corps.


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