Political Science



The staff ride is a versatile educational tool.  Its sole purpose is to further the professional development of U.S. Army leaders.  You can design it to achieve one or many objectives, depending upon the needs of the organization and the circumstances under which you conduct the staff ride.  This activity design can achieve a number of objectives, depending on the gaps identified in your analysis of the workforce.


Assignment Instructions: Identify a historic campaign or battle and describe how a Sergeants Major could plan and implement a staff ride to assess and address performance gaps, and develop the workforce within their organization.  In your planning, ensure that you address how the preliminary phase , the field study phase , and the integration phase can help achieve your intended results (based upon reading CMH Pub 70-21, 2014).  Ensure that you identify what the overall development goal is for your staff ride.  Your journal entry must be between 400-700 words.  Proper APA sourcing and citing is required for referenced information that you obtain and events you were not personally party to.  Do not write in first person

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