Question 18 When in a nation of 150 million workers, 24 million are unemployed, that is a. a crime. b. a trouble. c. an issue. d. personal tragedy. 1 points

Question 19 Which of the following would be the best option to obtain a representative sample of students at your college? a. At random, draw a list of students from the most recent college registrar’s list. b. Stop students as they are walking to their cars in parking lots and ask them to participate. c. Ask all of the sociology majors to participate in the study. d. Ask students eating in the cafeteria at lunchtime to participate in an important study. 1 points

Question 20 The term ___________________ describes a state in which ties attaching individuals to others in the society are weak. a. egoistic b. fatalistic c. altruistic d. anomic 1 points Question 21 Jared lives in a consumption-oriented culture. He decides to do historical research to understand how a country might develop a conservation-oriented way of life. Jared’s approach is influenced by a. Max Weber. b. Emile Durkheim. c. Karl Marx. d. Auguste Comte. 1 points Question 22 When Oreo cookies are transplanted into a new setting and then changed to fit local tastes, the process is known as a. globalization. b. industrialization. c. glocalization. d. the sociological imagination. 1 points Question 23 The high school dropout rate in the United States is greater than 25 percent. C. Wright Mills would classify this situation as a. an issue. b. a trouble. c. value-rational action. d. a social fact. 1 points Question 24 Lee’s research involving Snackbot showed that under the right conditions, people can form collegial (even social) relationships with workplace robots. This finding relates to the _____ perspective. a. functionalist b. symbolic interactionist c. social action d. conflict 1 points

Question 25 Marx believed that ________ was the first economic system that could maximize the immense productive potential of human labor and ingenuity. a. democracy b. capitalism c. socialism d. communism 1 points Question 26 According to functionalists, poverty exists because a. somebody has to be on the bottom. b. it contributes in some way to the stability of an existing social order. c. the poor lack the drive to do better. d. the poor are largely unmotivated to work.

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