Data Collection: Linear Motion



Include instead of these lines the objectives of the lab (what you investigated), the short description of how you did it and the conclusions formulated based on the obtained results.

It should be ½ to 1 page long


Data Table 2: Rolling a ball along a horizontal surface
Time (s):

2-m Distance

Time (s):

4-m Distance

Time (s):

6-m Distance

Trial 1
Trial 2
Trial 3
Average time (s)
Avg. velocity(m/s)

Data Table 3: Time trials to drop an object 2 m
Item Data
Trial 1 Drop time, t, (s)
Trial 2 Drop time, t, (s)
Trial 3 Drop time, t, (s)
Trial 4 Drop time, t, (s)
Trial 5 Drop time, t, (s)
Trial 6 Drop time, t, (s)
Trial 7 Drop time, t, (s)
Trial 8 Drop time, t, (s)
Trial 9 Drop time, t, (s)
Trial 10 Drop time, t, (s)
Average drop time (s)
t2 (s2)

g = 2d/t2 (m/s2)

Data Collection


Exercise 1

Complete the following exercises. 1mi=1609 m

100mi/h= m/s

mi/h= 300m/s

Exercise 2Examining how the ball’s average speed varies with time

Similar with the example 5 from lab manual page 65 (Procedure) or the HOL website “Exercise 2” calculate the average speed for every 2m of the 6m traveled by the ball:

V1= speed of the ball for the 0-2 m

V2= speed of the ball for the 2-4 m

V3= speed of the ball for the 4-6m

Exercise 3

What sources of error were involved in this experiment and how could the amount of error be reduced?

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