1) The walls of a blackbody cavity are at a temperature of 27o C. What is the frequency of the radiation of maximum intensity?

2) Assume that a 100 – W light bulb gives off 2.50% of its energy as visible light. How many photons of visible light are given off in 1.00 min? (Use an average visible wavelength of 550 nm)

3) What is the energy of photons (joules) emitted by an 107.5-MHz FM radio station?

4) What is the longest wavelength of light that will emit electrons from a metal whose work function is 3.50 eV?

5) A metal with a work function of 2.40 eV is illuminated by a beam of monochromatic light. If the stopping potential is 2.5V, what is the wavelength of the light?

6) What is the de Broglie wavelength of a 1000 kg car moving at a velocity of 25 m/s?

7) A hydrogen atom in its ground state is excited to the n = 5 level. It then makes a transition directly to the n = 2 level before returning to the ground state.

a) What are the wavelengths of the emitted photons?
b) Would any of the emitted wavelengths be in the visible region?

8) What is the longest wavelength light capable of ionizing a hydrogen atom in the ground state?

1.      Today do we live in a World at peace?

In Chapter 2 we propose that:  “successful revolutions create geniuses not the other way around”. I (Dr. Castel) supported this claim – looking at the many major revolutions in Art and Science which all occurred in the first half of the past century. Do you think one could make the same claim since then? (ie. 1950 to now)

Can you describe some possible changes or major discoveries which have overturned our previous conception of art and nature?

Read Appendix 6 and Chapter 2 of “The Art of Science” before you begin.

2.      Chapter 3- Logic and Reason or Logic versus Reason?

“He/she has a very logical mind- very well suited for studies of science.” Why does such a statement so often heard when guiding a son or daughter to university does not really make sense? Would intuition be a better guide? Discuss.



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* use text book as references

**MLA style

***can use other references ,but MUST USE TEXT BOOK(what i uploaded) please.

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