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1. Go to the website

2. You may have to login using a Google or Yahoo account.

3. Watch the video using the link on the website.

4. Read the Theory section to understand what the experiment is aiming to achieve.

5. Click on the Self Evaluation tab and take the quiz. Take a screenshot of your result, paste it in a Word document, and print it off and submit it as a part of your assignment.

6. Read the instructions for performing the simulation on the Procedure tab.

7. Make a table as shown in the simulation to do your calculations.

8. Perform the simulation (under the Simulation tab) for the given parameters based on your last name as given in the schedule below. At the end of each simulation, take a screenshot of your results, paste it in the Word document, and submit it as a part of your assignment.

9. Be sure to show how you calculate the value of the thermal conductivity from the data provided in the simulation and the equation(s) from the theory.

10. On a new page, write a discussion using the data and calculations to: a. Let me know what you understand about thermal conduction from the simulation; be specific concerning linking the theory with the data b. Let me know what you understand to be the limiting physical conditions on this simulation versus a real-world experimental setup of the same parameters. c. Make an Uncertainty Budget Table (see the pdf document from the University of Cape Town) for all the parameters: diameter, thickness, and cold water temperature for your trial of the simulation. Be sure to show the probability density function (pdf) graph for each parameter. Make reasonable estimates for the upper and lower limits.

Simulation Parameters:

You will simulate heat transfer experiment using the following:

 Select Ebonite solid for the material.

 Select the diameter of the material to be 45.0 cm.

 Select the thickness of the material to be 0.85 cm.

 Select the cold water temperature to be 25.0°C

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