Lab Report-Simple Pendulum- Physics 1401 and 2425

Describe and perform an experiment to investigate the relationship between the length of a simple pendulum –and its oscillation period- T .

Your lab report will be graded using the following rubric. Use paragraph form rather than bullet points.

I. Explanation of Issues:

a. Introduction/Hypothesis 20p

i. State your hypothesis. Formulate what you expect the experiments to show.

ii. Identify the measurable quantities in each of your experiments.

iii. Introduce/define the major concepts, principles and laws used in each experiment. Clearly describe all relevant information for full understanding.

b. Procedure 30p

i. Design the procedure to test your hypothesis.

ii. Describe what you did and how you did it, and what equipment you used.

iii. Write down equations you used.

iv. Draw a sketch of the apparatus (or include a photo?)

II. Evidence/Data (Results) 20p

a. Representation (EQS)

i. Present the observations and the data collected (in an organized chart or data table).

1. Draw figures, diagrams and/or present the data in data table.

2. Draw a graph: T2(y-axis) versus (x-axis). Clearly label the axes including also units.

b. Calculation (EQS)

i. Using the graph, find the value of acceleration due to gravity- g.

Calculate the % error considering the accepted value of g=9.8m/s2

ii. Using the graph, estimate the length for which the period of the pendulum is T=1s

III. Influence of Context and Assumptions/Student’s Position (CT)/Assumptions & Application (EQS):

a. Provide a brief comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the experiment.

b. Discuss where and what could influence the accuracy of the data (sources of errors).

IV. Conclusions and Related Outcomes (CT)/Analysis & Communication (EQS) 30p

a. Interpretation (EQS): Was your hypothesis supported? Explain what your data shows and what your interpretation of the results is.

b. Is your conclusion validated by the evidence/data or not? Why or why not?

c. Is there anything surprising about your results?

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