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BSB51915 Diploma of Leadership and Management

BSBMGT520 Plan and manage the flexible workforce

Unit Code BSBMGT520
Unit Name Plan and Manage the flexible workforce
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assessment task

This assessment is a questionnaire (with a mix of objective and subjective questions).

Research the topics and terms mentioned in the questions below and answer all questions in your own words.


Think about an organization that is fast growing and opening a second office in a different city. You are considering to employ a flexible workforce :

1- Discuss how you would plan for the workforce, in particular mention what planning methods you would use.

2- Address how legislation, regulation and policy relate to the flexible work arrangements.

3- What typical challenges would you face when implementing flexible work arrangements (name at least 4)?

4- What strategies would you employ to address the challenges that you have identified when answering question 3 ?

5- Discuss how you would support the flexible workforce to:

a) Resolving issues

b) Identify support needed

c) Engage the flexible workforce with other aspects of the organization, its culture and goals

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