Obama administration vs. Donald Trump administration in a Nutshell

Obama administration was a different kind, and by different am not referring to him being African American, no! At least not now. Did you even see his campaigns? Obama together with his team had a unique way of doing everything. They sat down and made their strategies, way back while other politicians were busy saving for what they had not strategized for yet. At this point if I asked you, what successful politics is all about you should say it is all about strategy- strategizing and restructuring one’s strategies? If that is not your answer then you should probably stop reading because the following content is too interesting for you.

‘Yes we can!’ that is it. The three words got Obama walking on the fine lawns and carpets of white house. For the racists like his political counterparts, the likes of McCain, it was unbelievable. They would launch their prestigious campaigns in big places and would hire the tightest security in their campaigns but Obama did not have to. He only had to be himself and could walk to a gathering and the rest of the citizens fill up to capacity. Some were his critics but after the rally, they would end up with very little paperwork to do, much had been nullified!

Obama administration, a benchmark

Obama is one of those few politicians you would want to listen to, just listen to. Moreover, when you listen to Obama uninterrupted throughout his speech, you will convert. Even if you were in the opposition party, you might just stop cursing, and if your party leaders do not supervise, you close enough; you will be sneaking to Obama’s rallies and functions, well, mostly subconsciously. Not so many nations and organizations complained about Obama administration, as it is the case with Trump administration. In fact, only a handful had problems with the administration, as they say you know, every street has its own mad person!

Most white Americans especially those in support of McCain must have expected a total failure in Obama administration. They thought the rest of the world would ignore him. To them, Obama would not be recognized as a historical American. Nevertheless, their racist expectations met a rude shock. Obama throughout his campaign and administration knew too well, what he was. He knows all the flaws he had as an African American and a presidential candidate. He had been prepared almost too well to fight criticism right from birth between a local Kenyan father and a white mother. School was not any better, but he made it anyway. Obama therefore knew what to expect from everyone during his days in office.

Like we had agreed earlier, political success is dictated by good strategies, and when it comes to strategic planning, Obama administration was at the top of the ladder. In his administration, Obama first strategy was self-acceptance and develop a positive mind that would be instilled in the rest of the Americans. The greatest success in Obama administration was characterized by his ability to unite all Americans, and then unite America with the rest of the world. During his two-term presidency, he saw to it that every citizen was treated fairly and enjoyed an equal share of their rights and freedom.

Trump administration is limping already

President Obama is gone, and the United States of America is back to the drawing board! You probably have heard that line only about a million times since Tramp came in with his charisma, right? Wrong! Whatever that guy says is far from charisma, you should visit Obama and listen to him if just buying his speeches will not ring a bell to you.

There were more visitors in the United States than it is the case with Donald Tramp’s administration, during Obama administration. You must be thinking that Obama was a populist, or was he literally shipping people to the United States? The answer lies in strategic administration. We all know something or two about visitors, take for instance in our homes. Not all visitors are a liability, are they? Most of the foreigners during Obama administration were economic allies. They came to do business and to better the economy. If you read enough books, you will agree that there was a more rapid change in the economy in the first years of Obama administration than it is in Donald Trump administration.

No one visits Trump’s home

I would not put so much effort in tightening foreign policies if I were the POTUS. However, to Trump, that was not only his campaign slogan, but also the very first amendment in his office, yes! To discriminate visitors. Currently, only a few foreigners can make it to the United States not to mention the aggravation. The majority rest are turned off, with humiliating policies and purported truths. Most Americans had only been hearing of deportation and checking the meaning but with Trump administration, it is practical. Visitors are timed, like in the ancient kingdoms, you just never fit in.

In our homes and neighborhoods, we must be in terms, then makes friends with one another to coexist. First, it would be individual friends then families. The families would then unite to form a community, the communities would then form societies, and societies would eventually form a nation. Children play the biggest role in this. They initiate the whole process by visiting each other and playing together, then parents would seek to know if their kid is safe or even wanted there. Let us now analyze Donald Trump administration.

America dies in solitude

Will America go anywhere if it invests in isolating itself from the international communities and further turning them away? Having a broad international community is of tremendous advantage to the United States. The community would provide a sufficient market and even a reliable pool of resources. Good international relationship starts with fair foreign policies on the different nationals. Their feedbacks back at home will determine international links.

As the POTUS, Donald Trump should be a role model to the citizens and his juniors. He should fight discriminations and rebuke them in all strong words possible. Racism must forever remain buried, as it was the case in Obama administration. America is a cultural blend. Any POTUS must know and appreciate the diversities in the United States as Obama did.

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