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Get your audience’s attention here with emotional appeal, a provocative question, benefit statement, or picture.

Topic or Purpose

Resources Available
List the available in this order with contact information.

· Community Resource #1
· Community Resource #2
· National Resource
· Web-Based Resource


Definition or Description:
Write your definition or description of the issue or problem here. Define your objective clearly for what you want your brochure to accomplish or the goals of the brochure.

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Reminder of the Importance of the Topic
Explain why the topic is important.

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· Insert your second reason here.
· Insert your third reason here.
Lead With Evidence
Provide data, information, or research from an evidence-based source of your choice. Cite your source.
FAQs or Testimonials
· Insert your first example or intervention here.

· Insert your second example or intervention here.

· Insert your third example here.

What do you want your audience to do now?

Do not be subtle. Tell readers exactly what you want them to do, and tell them to do it now. People may forget if they do not act right away. And you do not want them to forget.

· Insert your first here

· Insert your second here.

· Insert your third here.


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