141.   The first step in EHR implementation is


A. analyzing the content of the traditional medical record.

B. conducting an assessment of the goals, needs, and financial stability of the health care practice.

C. structuring the timeline for EHR implementation.

D. reviewing the list of established patients currently being seen in the practice.

142.   A patient is seen in follow-up two weeks after undergoing cholecystectomy. During the follow-up examination, the physician notes that the abdominal wound has not yet healed. The patient undergoes a split-thickness autograft due to a nonhealing left lower abdominal wound that’s 10 square centimeters. Which CPT and ICD-10-CM codes would be assigned?


A. 15200, L85.64

B. 15250, L34.74

C. 15350, L52.64

D. 15100, L76.82

143.   A patient is diagnosed with severe sepsis and septic shock after experiencing a severe drop in blood pressure. What ICD-10-CM code would be assigned?


A. T79.4

B. T81.12

C. R65.21

D. R65.10

144.   A patient has a disorder in which the bone marrow produces an overabundance of white blood cells. What is this disorder called?


A. Septicemia

B. Coagulation

C. Leukemia

D. Hemophilia

145.   Which modifier indicates a staged or related procedure performed during the postoperative period?


A. -59

B. -54

C. -57

D. -58

146.   The Female Genital System subsection covers which CPT code range?


A. 56203–56303

B. 56405–58999

C. 56607–56809

D. 56300–56499

147.   A patient with numerous symptoms is seen in the laboratory for a general health panel to gauge her overall physical well-being. What CPT code would be assigned for a general health panel?


A. 82136

B. 84135

C. 80051

D. 80050

148.   A patient undergoes a sigmoidoscopy. The coder would assign CPT code


A. 45919.

B. 45852.

C. 45330.

D. 45397.

149.   Code 71030-TC indicates a/an


A. complete chest x-ray, four views, technical component only.

B. incomplete chest x-ray, three views, technical and professional component.

C. complete chest x-ray, two views, technical component only.

D. incomplete chest x-ray, two views, technical and professional component.

150.   Health care practitioners must maintain records of privacy policy practices and procedures for


A. 2 years.

B. 20 years.

C. 6 years.

D. 10 months.

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