128.   A good compliance program in the health care setting includes


A. regular audit consultations with trustees of the AAPC.

B. HHS surveillance.

C. meetings with compliance officers.

D. regular tracking and monitoring of coding activities.

129.   A 55-year-old patient was injured while working as a carpenter on a construction site. While framing the roof of a two-story house, he fell and hit his head. He was diagnosed with a concussion to the left side of his head, and underwent a right frontal parietal craniotomy with removal of a subdural hematoma. During the patient’s period of recovery, he was given a medication that resulted in a rash on his abdomen. The physician conducted an expanded problem focused history and exam, with straightforward medical decision making. What CPT code(s) should be assigned?


A. 99253

B. 99252

C. 99292, 99291

D. 99251

130.   During a routine examination, a male patient is diagnosed with an elevated PSA. The physician performs a biopsy of the prostate with a rectal ultrasound to pinpoint the source of the problem. Which CPT and ICD-10-CM codes would be assigned?


A. 55720, 74000-26, R97.3

B. 55700, 76872-26, R97.2

C. 55734, 73200-26, R97.2

D. 55725, 76000-26, R93.6

131.   When is code 58120 assigned?


A. The code is assigned for a patient undergoing dilatation and curettage.

B. The code has been deleted and cannot be assigned.

C. The code is assigned for permanent pacemaker insertion.

D. The code is assigned as an add-on code.

132.   A patient is seen for 167 minutes of critical care. What CPT codes would be assigned?


A. 99291, 99292 × 4

B. 99291, 99292 × 2

C. 99291, 99292 × 3

D. 99291, 99292 × 5

133.   The prefix endo- means


A. outside of.

B. within.

C. beneath.

D. adjacent to.

134.   A patient comes to the emergency room after having dinner at a restaurant, where she began to experience chest tightness during the meal. She is seen for a cardiology consultation in the outpatient setting for a diagnosis of chest tightness. Which CPT and ICD-10-CM codes would be assigned?


A. 99243, R25.96

B. 99242, R17.52

C. 99244, R07.59

D. 99245, R07.89

135.   The prefix sub- means


A. above.

B. horizontal.

C. under.

D. lateral.


136.   What CPT code range is used to code for a limited lymphadenectomy?


A. 38700–38780

B. 38562–38564

C. 39501–39599

D. 37501–37650

137.   The process of removing tissue for histopathology is called


A. excision.

B. shaving.

C. debridement.

D. biopsy.

138.   Which of the following anatomical locations would contain the superior vena cava?


A. Heart

B. Nose

C. Hip

D. Lungs

139.   A patient is seen in the office for complaints of dizziness and insomnia. The physician records a chronological description of specific elements of the patient’s condition. This chronological description is called the


A. chief complaint.

B. review of systems.

C. examination.

D. history of present illness.

140.   A patient comes to the physician’s office complaining of neck irritation. The physician examines her neck and notes that she has a 15 cm neck scar. Upon further examination, the physician notes that the neck scar requires extensive debridement and retention sutures. The physician performs a dermabrasion to treat the neck scar and then closes the complex wound with the sutures. What ICD-10 and CPT codes are assigned?


A. 13132, 13133 × 3, H81.09, L92.9

B. 13133-51, 13131-79, L60.0

C. 13132, 13133 × 2, L90.5

D. 13132, L76.82

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