116.   The I-10 helps coders classify patient


A. management information.

B. morbidity and mortality.

C. evaluation files.

D. reimbursement data.

117.   A patient recently became eligible for health insurance through her employer. Her health insurance is considered to be an 80-20 policy. Under the terms of an 80-20 policy, the insurer pays 80 percent and the insured pays 20 percent of expenses. This 80-20 policy is an example of


A. coinsurance.

B. capitation.

C. prospective payment.

D. case management.

118.   Performing a daily check for viruses and malware is one of the


A. requirements of the Help Desk.

B. routine aspects of software maintenance.

C. sensible guidelines for Internet use in health care facilities.

D. functions of HIM encoders.

119.   Bones inside the nose are called


A. septal mucosa.

B. maxillae.

C. turbinates.

D. ethmoids.

120.   A group of doctors who belong to the same network and provide discounted services to enrollees is called a/an


A. Managed Care Organization (MCO).

B. Individual Practice Association (IPA).

C. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).

D. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).

121.   A female patient is seen for her annual gynecological examination. During the examination, the physician performs a test to detect cervical cancer. This test is called a/an


A. Pap smear.

B. carcinoembryonic antigen test.

C. mycobacterial culture.

D. immunoassay test.

122.   Businesses that provide support services, like administration, to individual physicians are called


A. integrated provider organizations.

B. medical foundations.

C. management services organizations.

D. physician-hospital organizations

123.   What is the full code description for 33536?


A. Repair of double outlet right ventricle with intraventricular tunnel repair

B. Repair of postinfarction ventricular septal defect, with or without myocardial resection

C. Closure of atrioventricular valve (mitral or tricuspid) by suture or patch

D. Coronary artery bypass, using arterial graft(s); 4 or more coronary arterial grafts

124.   The CPT code for thrombolysis is


A. 93000.

B. 92920.

C. 93797.

D. 92975.

125.   Which of the following statements is true of the Affordable Care Act?


A. It offers parents supplementary coverage for dependents with chronic illness.

B. It makes it mandatory for patients to carry health insurance.

C. It includes a provision for military service members who served in Afghanistan.

D. It requires health care facilities to maintain health records for at least 10 years.

126.   A qualifying circumstance indicates a


A. situation that makes anesthesia administration more difficult.

B. condition that reduces the average recovery time for a particular type of surgery.

C. situation that may extend a patient’s length of stay in the hospital setting.

D. condition that impacts the outcome of surgery.

127.   The portion of health insurance that an insured pays before he or she is entitled to receive benefits from an insurance plan is called the


A. capitation.

B. OPPS reimbursement.

C. coinsurance.

D. deductible.

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