43.   Epithelial tissue that secretes its products directly into the bloodstream is made of


A. endoplasmic reticulum.

B. endocrine gland cells.

C. extracellular matrix.

D. columnar epithelial cells.

44.   A physician obtains cells from the bone marrow cavity using a needle and a syringe. How would this procedure be coded?


A. 38220

B. 36575

C. 35092

D. 37328

45.   The vitreous humor can be found in the


A. eye.

B. nose.

C. tongue.

D. ear.

46.   The study of tissue disease using macroscopic or microscopic analysis is called


A. microbiology.

B. histopathology.

C. immunology.

D. cytopathology.

47.   Placing a catheter into the aorta or directly into an artery or vein is called


A. selective catheter placement.

B. brachiocephalic manipulation.

C. third order placement.

D. nonselective catheter placement.

48.   A patient is diagnosed with acne. What ICD-10-CM code would be assigned?


A. L74.2

B. L70.0

C. L72.3

D. L73.1

49.   Members of the uniformed services, their families and survivors, and retired members and their families qualify for


A. OIG Recovery.

B. Medicaid.

C. Medicare.


50.   A 35-year-old male is brought to the emergency department with memory disturbance after being accidentally exposed to lead paint. What ICD-10-CM codes should be assigned?


A. T42.4X1A, R40.0

B. T23.009A, R23.8

C. T56.0X1A, R41.3

D. T57.0X1A, R10.9

51.   Health care practitioners who submit fraudulent bills to increase reimbursement may


A. be listed in the Coding Directory of Fraudulent Billing published annually by the Department of Health and Human Services.

B. be reported to the Office of the Attorney General.

C. be blacklisted according to geographic location.

D. face financial penalties or, in some cases, imprisonment.

52.   A patient comes to the ambulatory surgery center for a fusion of the cervical spine. Prior to the beginning of the surgery, the patient suffers an allergic reaction to the anesthesia shortly after it’s administered. Because of this reaction, the surgery is not performed. What code would be assigned as the first-listed diagnosis?


A. The anesthesia administration

B. The allergy code

C. The reason that the surgery was scheduled to be performed

D. The observation code

53.   The root word ENTER/O means


A. secretion.

B. intestine.

C. stomach.

D. tooth.

54.   When coding burns, coders should


A. assign separate codes for each burn site.

B. assign the code for chronic burns.

C. classify all burns as acute burns.

D. assign the code for third-degree burns.

55.   Which of the following forms is used to bill outpatient charges?


A. CMS-1500 or UCF-1500.

B. AMA-14 or UCF-1250

C. HCFA-1400 or CMS-1540

D. HCFA-1350 or CMS-650

56.   A significant, separately identifiable E/M service performed by the same physician in conjunction with another service performed on the same day would be reported using what modifier?


A. -TC

B. -47

C. -90

D. -25

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