1. Anesthesia administered to a normal, healthy patient undergoing an esophageal procedure is coded as

A. 00500-P1. B. 00502-P1. C. 00500-P2. D. 00506-P1.

2. A new patient comes into the doctor’s office for her annual gynecological exam. During the course of the exam, she undergoes a screening cervical cytopathology smear, which is performed by an automated system under the supervision of a physician. What HCPCS code is assigned?

A. G0185 B. G7869 C. G7452 D. G0147

3. A new patient is seen for a home visit that involves a comprehensive history, examination, and medical decision making of high complexity. What code should be assigned?

A. 99349 B. 99345 C. 99342 D. 99350

4. A prolonged evaluation and management service before and/or after direct patient care for one hour is coded as

A. 99359. B. 99358. C. 99361. D. 99360.

5. A 57-year-old patient is admitted to the hospital for a hip arthroscopy procedure. The patient is a normal healthy patient with no systemic disease. What anesthesia CPT code should be assigned?

A. 01242-P2 B. 01202-P1 C. 01202-P3 D. 01202-P5

6. Anesthesia for procedures performed on the larynx and trachea in an 11-month-old child would be assigned to code

A. 00620. B. 00625. C. 00326. D. 00532.

7. A patient returns for a follow-up office visit regarding the repair of her fractured knee. The office visit consists of a detailed history, detailed examination, and medical decision making of moderate complexity. What CPT code is assigned?

A. 99213 B. 99212 C. 99211 D. 99214

8. Intramuscular nonhormonal antineoplastic chemotherapy administration would be assigned to code

A. 96402. B. 96405. C. 96406. D. 96401.

9. Home infusion with specialty drug administration during a 6-hour visit would be assigned what codes?

A. 99606, 99607 ×3 B. 99601, 99602 ×4 C. 99604, 99605 ×2 D. 99603, 99604 ×2

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