Chamberlain College of Nursing NR439 PPE Worksheet

Problem/PICOT/Evidence Search (PPE) Worksheet



Clinical Nursing Practice Problem

Select and identify ONLY one quality or safety clinical priority area from the assignment guidelines practice scenario. Summarize why you believe the nursing practice problem/issue is the most important. Summarize your rationale (why) for choosing the problem.

Clinical Nursing

PICOT Question

Using the NR439 Guide for Writing PICOT Questions and Examples located in the assignment guidelines, write out your PICOT question. Include the PICOT letters in your question.

Define PICOT Elements

Define each of the PICOT elements from your question above.

P– (patient population/patients of interest):

I– (Intervention):

C– (Comparison):

O– (Measurable outcome):

T– (Time frame in months):

Evidence Retrieval Process and Summary

Using only the Chamberlain College of Nursing library:

(1) Locate evidence that is relevant to your chosen nursing practice problem. Explain how you believe the evidence is relevant to your chosen nursing practice problem.

(2) Explain why you chose the evidence

(3) Provides a complete APA reference to the evidence (must include authors, year, title of the evidence, title of the resource)

(4) Evidence must be published within the last 10 years

(5) Provides the permalink

Implications of the Evidence

Summarize what you learned from the evidence. Summarize why you believe the nursing evidence-based practice committee should focus their next research project on the nursing practice problem.

Evidence Search Terms

Identify 4 (or more) relevant searchable terms you used for your search for evidence.

Evidence Search


Select 4 (or more) relevant search strategies you used to narrow/limit your search for


____ Full text

____ Boolean Operators/Phrase

____ Selected publication dates

within last 10 years

____ Subject, title, or author search box

____ Truncation (used an asterisk * at

the beginning or end of a word)

____ Academic or scholarly (Peer

Reviewed) journals

____ Quotation marks for key words

____ Selected key terms from

PICOT question

____ Others: (list below)


NR439 PICOT Worksheet 5/2019 ST 1

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