Workplace Environment Assessment

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Workplace Environment Assessment

Clark, C. M. (2015). Conversations to inspire and promote a more civil workplace. American Nurse Today, 10(11), 18–23. Retrieved from 

1. Summary of Results – Clark Healthy Workplace Inventory

The results stated that the company was much inspired and promoted a more civil workplace. This was the result of ensuring that strategies were put aside to help the company in improving and increasing its productivity.

2. Identify two things that surprised you about the results. Also, identify one idea that you believed prior to conducting the Assessment that was confirmed.

Two things that surprised me were that critical conversations could be stressful, and addressing uncivil behaviors can be difficult. One idea that I believed prior to conducting the assessment that was confirmed was cognitive rehearsal is an evidence-based system one can use to address incivility.

3. What do the results of the Assessment suggest about the health and civility of your workplace?

The results of the assessment suggest about the health and civility of the workplace that civility of the workplace is essential in the increasing productivity of the company. It also deals with the right information about the whole things of the health of the employees. Employees get the correct information about the civility and its value to the organization.

4. Briefly describe the theory or concept presented in the article(s) you selected.

The concept that is presented in the article I selected is that of explaining the importance of conversation to inspire and promote a more civil workplace. It also presented the concepts of ensuring a healthy workplace.

Explain how the theory or concept presented in the article(s) relates to the results of your Work Environment Assessment.

The concept presented in the article relates to the results of the work environment assessment in that it leads to the act of ensuring that the company’s productivity is increased through enabling and inspiring the employees to be civil. It also entails the application of the right skills and attitudes that help in making sure that all is running well and without any issue.

5. Explain how your organization could apply the theory highlighted in your selected article(s) to improve organizational health and/or create stronger work teams. Be specific and provide examples.

The organization could apply the theory or concept highlighted in the selected article to improve organizational health and the creation of stronger work teams. By making sure that crucial strategies are set aside and flourishing approaches that ensure that civility among employees is well utilized. It also includes the fact that the whole issue of mistreating the employees, especially the newbie, is called to an end.

6. General Notes/Comments

The article highlights important concepts that could be applied by an organization to get substantial outcomes and increase productivity.


Clark, C. M. (2015). Conversations to inspire and promote a more civil workplace. American Nurse Today, 10(11), 18–23. Retrieved from 

My Discussion


Incivility is one or more rude, discourteous, or disrespectful actions that may or may not have a negative intent behind them. Such acts of aggression be it verbal or physical are completely unacceptable, whether delivered by patients or colleagues. These incidents not only have a serious effect on the wellbeing of the nurse in question but also their ability to care for their patients (ANA, 2019). The results from the Clark Healthy Workplace inventory stated that my company was much inspired and promoted a more civil workplace. This was the result of ensuring that strategies were put aside to help the company in improving and increasing its productivity.

Based on the results, how civil is your workplace?

My workplace is civil. This is because, as an organization, every member is respecting one another, and in a harmonious relationship, each member is doing their tasks and collaborates in working. There might be small conflicts that happen from time to time, but they are resolved professionally. So it wouldn’t affect the quality of work or in the service that is provided to customers. Another way into which my workplace is civil is due to its ethics, where each member of the company maintains or holds. Even though the employees may not always know the culture of every co-worker, motivating them to behave, civil helps to guarantee a peaceable work experience. Civil behavior such as providing credit where it is due, refraining from gossiping about co-workers and welcoming the newcomers to an organization department should be encouraged. It also entails witnessing civil action on the part of supervisors and co-workers helps encourage other workers to treat each other well. The workplace is civil because of its maintenance of the quality of life. Witnessing civil behavior is a primary factor in the quality of life in any workplace. Higher quality of life makes workers more relaxed and comfortable to be able to offer quality service to clients (Marshall & Broome, 2017).

Explain why your workplace is or is not civil

Civility in the workplace is very paramount because it is a critical factor for an organization to be able to fulfill its missions and goals. The score indicates that my workplace is civil. At my place of work, there is mutual respect for each other thereby fostering a more effective and efficient environment. Members tend to stay longer at my workplace because the managers and the administration respect and value each member. On the contrary in workplace that is not cultivating civility, worker tends to leave. Civility in the workplace results in increased productivity. This also inspires the excellent morale and motivation among the employees who help in ensuring that they deliver the best. My workplace management supports professional growth and development of their staff. Through this civility it results into commitment. This helps in the attainment of the goals for the company because they get committed. It inspires loyalty, training, and organizational commitment (Clark, 2018).

A situation of incivility I experienced at workplace and how it was addressed.

One example of incivility that I witnessed at my workplace was that experienced nurses are leaving new nurses to fend for themselves and tend to feel superior even though they have the same role. When I was a new nurse, it was quite interesting to see how experienced nurses wouldn’t want to help when you’re in a difficult situation. This instance was widespread, especially for this new nurse who got frustrated and decided to quit because some of the nurse working with her was just been cruel. She didn’t have the best experienced that could have helped her in ensuring that all activities are run in the best manner. They were tormented and feared the provision of the best services to the company (Marshall & Broome, 2017).

This incident was resolved when the nurse manager was informed and a staff development meeting was held where everyone got to know each member better. The activity also included team building activities to build camaraderie and rapport amongst everyone. The nurse involved in this situation was discipline because not only that one nurse I witnessed reported her but apparently a couple did. She was written up. For instance, educating the experienced nurses through holding a meeting with them and informing them on how they should handle and treat the new nurses was an essential means of curbing incivility. This helps in making sure that the company activities are run in the best way possible.


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Clark, C. M. (2018). Combining cognitive rehearsal, simulation, and evidence-based scripting to address incivility. Nurse Educator. doi:10.1097/NNE.0000000000000563

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