Implementation of the IOM Future of Nursing Report

IOM Report: Future of Nursing Report

The paper discusses about the IOM report, role of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and the State Based Action Coalitions, the nursing workforce, the purpose of the campaign for action and Indiana State action coalition with its two initiatives.

Nursing is a broad field, which includes a widespread of different aspects like prevention of diseases, management of treatment; marketing healthy lives and the ability to provide analgesic care to patients as needed. As the front line caregiver in health care setting, nurses are given a fundamental role, thus aware of the best quality and patient safety. However, the challenges need to be tackled to ensure that nurses can take on leadership in creating innovative renovations in health care. Therefore, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) started a two-year program in 2008 to generate a report which would assessed and make recommendations for the betterment of future nursing profession. The key messages of the IOM report are divided into three significant aspects- repetition, training, and leadership; another significant aspect is also to collect extensive data on the health care industry in order to analyze the data and create essential changes to the health care industry, and to the health care personals career.

The Role of the RWJF, AARP, and the State Based Action Coalitions

The Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action, synchronized through the Center to Champion Nursing in America (CCNA), an initiative of AARP, the AARP Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) are working together for the transformation of health care system through nursing and endorse implementation of recommendations in the IOM report, ‘The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health’. Moreover, they assemble alliances embodying nurses, health care providers, consumers, educators, business, and government persons to ensure the fulfillment of the recommendations and thus, all Americans will receive the high quality medical treatments. Action Coalitions are the dynamic strength of the operation, which includes set guidelines for research, follow lessons learned and recognize replicable model (, 2015). Actions coalitions has been appointed to a widespread of twenty-one state based associations, among them, The Connecticut Nursing Collaborative-Action Coalition (CNC-AC) is working to develop a healthier community in Connecticut with the coalition of nursing workforce and group of individuals. CNC-AC is working to form a widely diverse nursing workforce and leadership aptitude, encourage the nursing education and collection of data to ensure the fulfillment of healthcare needs in the state (CNC-AC, 2016).

The IOM Report Related to the Nursing Workforce

Nursing workforce has always been the backbone and largest part of the health care system. The IOM report on the nursing workforce was focused on multiple concerns and emphasizes the comprehensive, widespread prospects for nurses to mold and adapt their current careers to their future and for them to lead the health care force. “The IOM report’s recommendations and key messages have the potential to create even more change in a health care environment that is constantly evolving and integrating new practices and technology into patient care based on best evidence”(Institute of Medicine. Report Brief, 2010). Nurses are only limited to follow the directions and decisions which are already being made however; they have the potential to lead the health care system. If given the opportunities they will come up with the innovative ways to lead the change and advance the health care system. Thus, the IOM report has made some recommendations for workplace development, education, and the actual practice within nursing. Specific recommendations include removal of barriers for practice, enlargement and growth for a pervasive array of leadership position for nurses, the creation of a nursing residency programs, increasing the quantity of higher educated nurses (baccalaureate degree), increasing the overall quantity of nurses to result in a 2:1 nurses to physicians ratio, lifelong learning and enabling nurses to take on leadership and advocate for changes in innovative medicine, collection and analysis of inter professional health care (Institute of Medicine. Report Brief, 2010)

The purpose of Campaign for Action

The key goal of the Future of Nursing Campaign for Action is to “to promote implementation of recommendations in the Institute of Medicine report, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health” (Future of Nursing | Campaign for Action, n.d.). And this campaign believe in a health care system in which nurses are essential partners in providing and supporting health care to all the Americans to lead a healthier life. Campaign for Action aims to revolutionize the health care system of America using nursing as a tool through practice, education and leadership. In order to meet their purpose and progress, the Campaign takes following approaches:

· Enriching and advocating for innovative changes within education

· Bolstering leadership in nursing

· Removal of all impediments towards treatment and care

· Supporting and advocating for teamwork and collaborations within inter- professional settings

· Fostering cultural diversity

· Strengthening workforce data (Future of Nursing | Campaign for Action, n.d).

The Rationale of State-based Action Coalitions

“Action Coalitions”, an incentive at the local and state levels, is the name assigned by the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action which includes the different state-based collaborators to ensure that nurses can practice utilizing all capabilities and input the highest quality health care. State-based action coalitions form a strong network of individuals from states and national organizations and work to make and maintain the advancement in health care (, n.d.). “State-based Action Coalitions consisting of panel of leaders, co-leaders and members will discuss the structure and process that various states have developed to collaborate on implementing IOM recommendations based on unique state needs and these action coalitions are built to effect long-term sustainable change at the local, state and regional level” (, n.d.).

Indiana Action Coalition and its two Initiatives

Indiana Action Coalition (IAC) was established in March 2011 through a joint venture between the Indiana Center for Nursing (ICN) and the Indiana Area Health Education Centers with the rationale of implementing IOM’s recommendations across Indiana, concentrating specifically on education for nurses, nursing practices, safety concerning patients and inter professional education (, n.d.). IAC is supported through the RWJF and AARP. Its two initiatives are:

1. Access to care: By collaborating and communicating with over 30 healthcare organizations across Indiana for the first time, on October 31, 2013, the Access to Care Discussion was able to generate ideas and on improving the utilization of resources so that all people can get easy access to healthcare.

2. Scholarship programs: To support the future nurses, IAC has raised over 1 million dollars which will be awarded as scholarships to train and educate nurses at both undergraduate and graduate level so that they can be better prepared for the complex and diverse settings (, n.d.).

To conclude, RWJF and IOM initiation and recommendations for the advancement and the renovation of nation’s health care industry through the nursing program plays a crucial role as nursing profession has the potential to affect many aspects in the health care system and also possesses many challenges. Moreover, Future of Nursing Campaign for Action and its key part state-based action coalition is a collaborative effort to implement the recommendations made by IOM and to improve and shape nurse-based advances to expand the quality and method from which Americans currently receive health care.


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