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In this nursing course, I have acquired a lot of information and ideas pertaining to the nursing profession. The content and assignment met the course objectives from the arrangement and the data presented in the course. The information about nursing innovation in patient care technology and information management. For instance, in chapter 17, Electronic Healthcare Information Systems, Electronic Health Records, and Meaningful Use 277, in this chapter, it meets the course objectives through a thorough discussion on the topic. It gives the right information and details concerning the chapter topic sufficiently.

The chapter brings the information into clear focus, which is that it relates to the course name, which is innovation in patient care technology and information management. This chapter provides information about the rapid emergence of electronic records in healthcare as driving change for record care and how it is communicated to clinical information systems. In chapter 18, Design Considerations for Healthcare Information Systems, it meets the course objectives which are comparing the system life cycle with the nursing process, discussing the role of the superuser in the systems life cycle and discussing how a business continuity plan mitigates risk.

These objectives are met through the explanation and comparison of the information from various angles which are given sufficient information hence meeting the objectives of the course. In chapter 19, Quality Measures and Specialized Electronic Healthcare Information Systems, the course objectives are met through this chapter analysis and provision of information which is unique and outstanding (Health Information and Management Systems Society, 2013).??? It provides information which amicably meets the course objectives.

There are various examples of the actual or potential application of the course week’s course concepts are that the vendor’s system analysis reports might show software component different vendor system to be very similar and equality robust, but the vendor support for implementing the systems (Huryk, 2010). Sentence correction needed!!!!This example is very critical as it gives the application of the course into the real-life world. Another example is that, of course, weeks course concepts is, the nurses having to communicate with other nurses from far distances to get the idea of a specific illness that might be contradicting them or having issues with them to comprehend.

The success that I had from the week in terms of the course content was amassing???? a lot of information about the innovation in nursing and transfer of data from one work station to the other. Again, the whole knowledge helped in acquiring an extensive understanding of the nursing course. The challenges were a few like misunderstanding about the various concepts on the course??? Which part?


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