We have code to calculate power for the sign, WSR, and one-sample t-test when the data are Normally distributed, exponentially distributed, and double-exponentially distributed.

We examined the effect of distribution and sample size on power. Choose ONE of the following (no extra credit for doing both).

SC1A: Extend this example by examining one more distribution AND the effect of sigma, alpha, and d.

SC1B: Examine the effect of outliers and ties on the power for the sign, WSR, and t-test in the presence of different population distributions.

Write a mini-paper (2 pages including at least one visualization and one table) explaining your results. Include your code!

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  • Look on page 20 of your textbook. You will find a painting by Artemisia Gentileschi entitled Judith Decapitating Holofernes.
    · You are to write a visual analysis of the artwork.
    · Focus on the elements and principles of art you see within the artwork. Describe how and where the artist has used them in the painting. How have they affected the artwork? There should also be discussion about the content of the work.
    · You may use your textbook, as well as outside resources, to help you in your analysis, however, please make sure the work is your own. Do not copy and paste information. Use your own words.
    · After you have written your visual analysis of the above work, send me an email with your analysis as an attachment. Make sure to include your name and class section. (ART 111-10IN or ART 111-11IN)

    Length: 2-3 pages
    Type: Size 11 with an easy to read font
    Uses correct rules of grammar, correct spelling, and capitalization
    Content is discussed.
    Art terms are used correctly.

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