Week 3 Assignment
The application assessment consists of six short answer questions. All work must be neat, detailed and clearly labeled. Final answers should be identified by either circling or underlining. Submit your work to the appropriate drop box as a Microsoft Word or PDF document.

1.    A school band sold 432 tickets for their upcoming spring concert. This represents about 85.5% of the number of tickets sold last year. How many tickets were sold last year? (Round to the nearest whole number)

2.    Joe paid $8400 in taxes this year. If this represents 80% of the original estimated amount of taxes he expected to pay. What was his original estimate of taxes?

3.    86% of the 1,450 students in New Haven High School are enrolled in Math classes. How many students are enrolled in Math classes?

4.    At Sam’s Used Car Lot, everything has been marked down 13%. Tom purchased a car for the current price of $12,500. How much did a car originally sell for before the mark down?

5.    The wholesale cost of a sofa is $520. Based on selling price, the original markup was 69%. Find the final sale price after the following series of price changes occurred: a markdown of 13%, a markup of 30%, and a second markdown of 36%. Round each intermediate selling price to the nearest cent.

6.    For a particular pickup truck the percent markup is known to be 115% based on cost to the seller. If the seller paid $15,800 for the truck, what would be the percent markup be based on the sale price? (Round to the nearest tenth percent)

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