Math 109 – Statistics Kibler Problem Set #2

Directions: With your partner complete the task below. Only one copy needs to be turned in. Analysis should be typed using a program such as Microsoft Word. Mini-tab graphs and descriptive statistics should be copied and pasted into the document.

Date Due: The beginning of your final exam. No late work will be accepted.

Task: You have been hired by the student affairs department of a local college to do a study on the drinking habits of students. A survey was given to a random sample of 250 students asking the question, “How many drinks do you typically have per session? (A drink is defined as one 12 ounce beer, one 4 oz. glass of wine, or one 1 oz. shot of liquor.)” To eliminate some outside variables the administrators of the college only asked the question of sophomores. It is likely that some of the students exaggerated a bit. The data in the spreadsheet gives the responses of the female and male students who did drink.

The college would like to know the following:

1) What is the drinking behavior of the females?

2) What is the drinking behavior of the males?

3) Do females and males drink a significantly different amount?

Prepare a report for the student affairs department where you examine the given data and answer the questions above.

Format: The format you should use for the report is on the next page. The “Recommendations” piece is divided up into three questions. The first question is where you will analyze drinking behavior of females, the second question is where you will analyze the drinking behavior of males, and the third question is where you will compare the data from both females and males.

Report Format

1. Project Description

In this section you should introduce the problem as you see it. Give a description of the project, questions asked and what you intend to do analyze the data. Think about translating the questions into statistical questions (types of inference you will use). You do not need to do any analysis in this section.

2. Recommendations

Question 1: State what question you are going to answer.

Question 1 – Exploratory Data Analysis:

This is where you would start with a basic analysis of the data, meaning, make a graph and analyze it. You should give useful descriptive statistics (pieces of SOCS) that help to start analyzing the question.

Question 1 – Inference Procedure:

This is where you will carry out the inference procedure you choose for Question.

Question 1 – Summary

Briefly summarize the findings of this question.

***Continue the same steps for Questions 2 and 3***

Question 2

Question 2 – Exploratory Data Analysis

Question 2 – Inference Procedure

Question 2 – Summary

Question 3 – Question 3:

Question 3 – Exploratory Data Analysis

Question 3 – Inference Procedure

Question 3 – Summary

3. Conclusions and discussions

Summarize the overall findings of the report and discuss any special considerations.

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