a) Interpreting Problem Statement

Correctly identified all aspects of the problem

One minor misunderstanding

One major or two minor misunderstandings

More than one each (major and minor)

(15 pts) (10-14 pts) (4-9 pts) (0-3 pts) b) Geometric

Similarity Model Correctly identified all relationships in the model

One wrong relationship

More than one wrong relationship

No geometric similarity argument

(15 pts) (10-14 pts) (4-9 pts) (0-3 pts) c) Model fitting Correctly found

proportionality constant

Close (within 10%) Used linear regression instead of regression through origin

Unclear how estimate was made

(15 pts) (10-14 pts) (4-9 pts) (0-3 pts) c) Model analysis Correctly used

“proportionality graphs” to choose which model was best supported by data

Some confusion about what to look for in proportionality graphs

Much confusion about what to look for in proportionality graphs; or used wrong graphs

No interpretation of proportionality graphs

(15 pts) (10-14 pts) (4-9 pts) (0-3 pts)

d) Grammar and Spelling

No more than two errors.

No more than 5 errors No more than 10 errors Over 10 errors

(10 pts) (7-9 pts) (5-7 pts) (0-4 pts) e) Organization and

Clarity Very easy to understand; smooth transitions; good organization of thoughts

Easy to understand, but some transitions very rough. Good organization of thoughts

Somewhat hard to understand

Very difficult to understand

(10 pts) (7-9 pts) (5-7 pts) (0-4 pts) f) Professional

appearance Quality document – ready to give to the boss’s boss!

A good draft, but some items need to be cleaned up.

Rough draft – some work needed (e.g. graphs/tables need to be merged in with text).

Very rough – a lot of work needed.

(10 pts) (7-9 pts) (5-7 pts) (0-4 pts) g) Summary of Key

Points Succinct, but covered all key points of problem and analysis (incl. model assumptios)

Too little info (left out one key point) or too much (took too much time with secondary items)

Omitted 2-3 key points, or included key points not covered in written report

Does not effectively summarize major findings of the written report.

(10 pts) (7-9 pts) (5-7 pts) (0-4 pts)

Project #2 Critique Sheet Name:

Written Report Geometric Similarity Analysis (60 pts)

Writing Skills (40 pts)

(Geometric Similarity)

  • Project 3 (Geo.Simil.)

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