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Worksheet by Kuta Software LLC

MATH 113 Pre-Calculus

Extra Credit – Worth 20 points



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Solve each equation. Remember to check for more than one solution.

1) 3v – 8 – 2v – 7 = 1

Solve each system of equations.

2) 10×2 + 80x + 9y – 81 = 0 10×2 – 4y2 + 80x + 41y – 45 = 0

Solve using quadratics.

3) I want to put fence around my front yard. I did some shopping and found a pretty good rate of $9.95 per foot. However I cannot spend no more than $900 on my fence. a) What could be my dimensions based on my current budget? Round dimensions to the nearest foot. b) What is the max area I will be enclosing? Round to the nearest square foot.


4) You have a savings account. You have had this account for about 6 years and you ended up with about $16,360.93, after starting with $12,000. You want to know what your interest rate is but you don’t know where your statement is. You call your bank and ask them what it is. What did they tell you?

5) A long long time ago, an ancestor of yours invested simply $1 at 2.76%, compounded once a year. A family member of yours stumbled upon this account and found that it was worth $816,672.25. How long did that $1 stay in the account for it to accrue to that value? (Hint: Use the log function)

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