University of Phoenix Material

Lesson Plan Worksheet

Use the following worksheet to complete the assignment.

Create or modify a classroom learning activity that covers a specific topic from Ch. 5 or 6 of A Problem Solving Approach to Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers; for example, integer addition or division of rational numbers.

Include the following in your lesson:

Use of a manipulative

Detailed instructions on how to conduct the activity

Any student handouts or supplemental materials needed

Use APA formatting to reference any resources used. Do not directly copy a lesson from another source; avoid plagiarism by changing ideas and phrasing to make them your own.

Lesson Component


Name of Lesson

Grade Level Addressed

State Mathematics Standard Addressed

Lesson Objective

(what should students know and be able to do)

Materials Needed

(student and teacher materials)

Detailed Instructions

(what are the steps for the lesson)

Technology Component

(if any)


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