The vice-president of administration at your company wonders whether employees are taking adequate amounts of vacation time. Employee burnout is a concern. Research suggests that an employee taking less than 1.4 weeks of vacation annually is very likely to experience burnout. You are asked to analyze the employee vacation data and conduct a hypothesis test with the following results:  t = 2.93  p = 0.0084

1. What factors should the vice-president consider in determining the presence of employee burnout?

2. Do employees take more than 1.4 weeks of vacation?

3. What reasons should the vice-president provide to the president to justify the recommendation on employee burnout?

4. Based on the data, is the presence of employee burnout an issue that may negatively impact the company?


Data set 2 presents a sample of the number of defective flash drives produced by a small manufacturing company over the last 30 weeks. The company’s operations manager believes that the number of defects produced by the process is less than seven defective flash drives per week. Use this online calculator (or any statistical package that you are comfortable with) to construct a hypothesis test to verify the operations manager’s claim. Your hypothesis test should include null and alternative hypotheses, a t test statistic value, a p value, a decision, and a conclusion. Submit a Word file that includes the hypothesis test.

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