Please choose one of the below discussion points for your initial post:

Select an application of matrices in real life (in several application areas) and discuss the application (your example should be different from what is covered in class).
The discussion concerns your ability to do basic research to better understand the use of linear programming in several areas. This is a great opportunity to look for linear programming applications in your own area of study. To get you started, you can look for marketing applications, financial applications, revenue management applications, and manufacturing applications. Your task is to find one article (electronically, preferably using the BU Library – that uuses linear programming to solve a problem. It should not be an article mentioned in class or referenced to by another student in the discussion board. A good journal to look at is “Interfaces”. However, do not limit yourself to this journal.
To help organize the discussion board, input the title of your article as the title of your post. This way, you can be sure than no one else has used your article beforehand. For the article that you choose, explain:
What course topic your article addresses,
Why/what it adds to our understanding of the course material.
Use between 150 and 250 words for your post. Do not just copy from the paper or its abstract. Read the paper and think about the three bullets above. Also, attach a pdf of the article. For this discussion, you should not respond to the post of another student. So, there should be one post per student, each with the title of an article as the title of the post.
Discuss topics of your choice from Lecture 3 and Lecture 4.

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