22. There is a 0.86 probability that MATH 106 students will correctly follow all instructions

on the Final Exam. What is the probability that exactly 86 of the 100 students taking MATH 106

in a particular term correctly follow all Final Exam instructions? Round answer to the nearest

ten thousandth (four places after decimal). Show work.

23. A psychologist studied the number of words spoken by a sample of 8 four-year-olds. The

numbers of words recorded per each 3-year-old were 43, 50, 46, 54, 67, 46, 80, and 62.

(a) State the mode (if one exists. If not, indicate “none”).

(b) Find the median. Show work/explanation.

(c) State the mean. Show work/explanation.

(d) The sample standard deviation is 12.77. What percentage of the data fall within one

standard deviation of the mean? Show work/explanation.

(d) _______

A. 34%

B. 68%

C. 75%

D. 88%

MATH 106 Finite Mathematics 2168-OL1-6383-V1

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24. Amanda is selling an antique dining room furniture set through a broker. She wants to get

$1200 for herself, but the broker gets 15% of the selling price as commission. What should the

selling price be? Show work.

A. $1380.00 C. $1560.00

B. $1623.53 D. $1411.76

25. A mall developer surveyed 500 customers yesterday to learn what they go shopping for at

the mall. 320 customers said they shopped for clothes. 295 customers said they went shopping

for electronics. 175 customers said they shopped for both clothes and electronics.

(a) What is the probability that a single randomly-selected shopped for either clothing or

electronics yesterday, but not both? Show work.

(b) Let C = {customers shopping for clothes} and E = {customers shopping for electronics}.

Determine the number of customers belonging to each of the regions I, II, III, IV.

Region I: ________ Region II: __________ Region III: _________ Region IV: __________







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