on  the  button  “Test  review  quiz/Test/Final Exam”. The practice quizzes are taken directly from the homework and are timed to give you a feel for whether you are ready to take the actual test. These quizzes do not count as part of your grade.

3. TAKE THE ONLINE TEST. Click  on  the  button  “Test review quiz/Test/Final Exam”  on  the  course  menu.    You  will  select  the  current  test  that  you  will  be  taking.   You have 180 minutes to take your test in one attempt. You are not allowed to get in and out of your test (you cannot access any other screens – ebook,

homework, etc.) while you are taking the test. No make-up tests and no extensions on deadlines will be given, a missed test is a zero grade.

4. TAKE THE ONLINE FINAL EXAM. The final exam is a 25-questions

comprehensive final exam and you have 180 minutes to take your final exam in one sitting.

HELP AND AVAILABLE RESOURCES: 1. MyMathLab includes FREE access to the Pearson Tutor Center. Just call toll free (800)435-4084, Sunday to Thursday 5PM – 12AM Eastern Time. 2. Brookhaven College has a Math Lab that offers free assistance and other resources to students enrolled in this course. The lab is equipped with computers and Internet access so that lessons can be viewed and homework can be done in the lab. You should not depend on the lab entirely to complete work for this course, you should have your own personal computer with the appropriate Internet access. However, the Math Lab is available if you experience temporary technical problems with your personal computer, or you are on campus and would like to get some of your work done. The Lab is located in K137. EVALUATION PROCEDURES Five tests and a comprehensive final exam will be given. The final exam grade can replace the lowest grade of Tests 1, 4, or 5. FINAL EXAM CANNOT REPLACE TEST 2 OR 3. Each of the five tests will be worth 14% of your grade and the final exam will be worth 20%. The remaining 10% will come from homework which is done on MyMathLab.

The scale used to determine your final performance grade is: 90 to 100 A 80 to 89 B 70 to 79 C

60 to 69 D 0 to 59 F

Calculators are allowed in this course. TI84+ is recommended. No TI-NSpire, TI-89 or TI-92 calculators are allowed. Incomplete grades are given when unforeseen emergency prevents a student from completing the work in  a  course.  The  division  Dean  must  approve  all  “I”  grades. Grade reports are no longer mailed to students. You can log on to eConnect at for your letter grade.

AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT For students enrolled in Dallas Colleges Online sections: Students requesting accommodation due to the presence of a disability must identify themselves in a timely fashion (usually the first class day) and demonstrate/document the need for accommodation through the Disability  Services  Office  (DSO).  In  accordance  with  the  “Americans  with  Disabilities  Act”  and  Section   504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, any student who feels that he or she may need special assistance or accommodation because of an impairment or disabling condition needs to contact the Disability Services Office at (972) 860-8348. It is the policy of the Dallas Colleges Online to provide reasonable accommodations. The Dallas Colleges Online will provide reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals who are students with disabilities. Because of the legal implications, it is imperative that all students requesting academic accommodations first notify and provide appropriate documentation of their disabling condition to the Disability Services Office. Disability Services staff will evaluate this information and develop an individualized  academic  accommodation  plan  that  will  then  be  shared  with  the  student’s  instructors. For students enrolled in Brookhaven College sections: Disability Support Services Program: Students are responsible for notifying the Disability Support Services Department of their need for assistance. Students with documented disabilities, such as mobility impairment, hearing or visual impairment, learning, and/or psychological disorders are eligible for services. Disability Support Services is located in Building S, Room 124 and may be reached by telephone at 972-860-4673 or by email Academic Dishonesty The Student Code of Conduct prohibits activities and prescribes penalties for academic dishonesty. Student’s  found  guilty  of  any  form  of  academic  dishonesty,  including  (but  not  limited  to)  cheating,   fabrication, facilitating academic  dishonesty,  plagiarism,  and  collusion,  may  receive  an  “F”  on  the   assignment  and/or  an  “F”  in  their  course(s)  from  the  instructor  and  may  be  suspended  from  college  by   administrative action. We, the Math Department of BHC, take issues of dishonesty very seriously. If a student  is  caught  violating  any  policy  of  the  Testing  Center,  or  an  instructor’s  own  policy  for  their   particular class, the following consequences will be enforced: The minimum penalty a student will receive is a zero for the assignment/exam and the maximum penalty will be to receive an F for the course and/or academic suspension. As with any online course, you are expected to do your own work. By starting the work in this course you are agreeing to follow the honor system. Any indication that you are being dishonest will result in taking your tests at the Brookhaven College Testing Center, receiving an F for the course and/or academic suspension. This  is  at  the  instructor’s  discretion. As a college student, you are considered a responsible adult. Your enrollment indicates acceptance of the DCCCD Code of Student Conduct published in the DCCCD Catalog. STOP BEFORE YOU DROP For students who enrolled in college level courses for the first time in the fall of 2007, Texas Education Code 51.907 limits the number of courses a student may drop. You may drop no more than 6 courses during your entire undergraduate career unless the drop qualifies as an exception. Your campus counseling/advising center will give you more information on the allowable exceptions.

Remember that once you have accumulated 6 non-exempt drops, you cannot drop any other  courses  with  a  “W”.    Therefore, please exercise caution when dropping courses in any Texas public institution of higher learning, including all seven of the Dallas County Community Colleges. For more information, you may access: Religious Holidays Students who will be unable to work on this class for the observance of a religious holiday must notify the instructor in advance. Students should check the posted calendar and make necessary arrangements prior to any posted testing date. Students will be allowed to make up work examination or complete an assignment within a reasonable time after the absence.

COURSE SCHEDULE This course starts on July 9, 2014 and ends on August 7, 2014. The last day to drop this  course  with  a  “W”   is Thursday, July 31, 2014. The following is a timeline for the course. Although this is an online course, you are allowed to work somewhat at your own pace (you can work ahead, but you cannot miss deadlines for tests and the final exam). All assignments are sequential. The following course calendar has been created to help you finish the course. These deadlines must be followed very closely. No extensions will be given. All exams may be taken on or before the required date. Exams will not be accepted after the given deadline. All homework, tests and final exam are due on the due date by 11:59 pm. All tests and final exam are timed and must be completed in one sitting once they are started. You cannot save and return.



Week 1 7/09/14

to 7/15/14

Buy MyMathlab and get all plug- ins set up Go through syllabus 1.6: First degree equations with applications (omit absolute value equations) 1.7: Quadratic equations 2.1: Graphs 2.2: Equations of lines 2.4: Linear inequalities (omit absolute value inequalities) Official Certification Date: 07/12/14 7.1: Graphing linear inequalities in 2 variables 7.2: Linear programming- graphical method 7.3: Applications of linear programming TEST 1 (Ch 1, 2, 7)


Must be registered on MyMathlab and have emailed the instructor by Saturday, July 12, 2014 1.6, 1.7, 2.1, 2.2, 2.4, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 Homework due by Monday 7/14/14 Take TEST 1 by Tuesday, 7/15/14

Week 2 7/16/14

to 7/22/14

3.1: Functions 3.2: Graphs of functions (do not use point plotting; rather use methods taught in Appendix C) (omit step-functions) (omit stretching, shrinking, symmetry, even & odd) Appendix C (found under Appendices in e-textbook): Graphs of basic functions & graphing techniques 3.3: Applications of linear functions 3.4: Quadratic functions (omit completing the square) 3.5: Applications of quadratic functions (omit quadratic models & regression) 3.6: Polynomial functions (omit polynomial models) 3.7: Rational functions TEST 2 (Ch 3, APP C)


3.1, 3.2, App C, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 Homework due by Monday, 7/21/14 Take TEST 2 by Tuesday, 7/22/14

Week 3 7/23/14

to 7/29/14

4.1: Exponential functions 4.2: Applications of exponential functions (omit exponential regression) 4.3: Logarithmic functions (omit change of base) 4.4: Logarithmic & exponential equations TEST 3 (Ch 4)

4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 Homework due Monday, 7/28/14 Take TEST 3 by Tuesday, 7/29/14

Week 4 7/30/14

to 8/02/14

5.1: Simple interest (omit discount) 5.2: Compound Interest (include Case 5 pg 309) (omit zero-coupon bonds) 5.3: Annuities, future value, sinking funds 5.4: Annuities, present value & amortization NOTE – The last day to drop the course is 7/31/14. TEST 4 (Ch 5)

5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 Homework due by Friday, 8/01/14 Take TEST 4 by Saturday, 8/02/14

Week 5 8/03/14

to 8/07/14

6.1: Systems of 2 linear equations in 2 variables 6.2: Larger systems of linear equations (solve larger systems using Gauss-Jordan matrix operations) 6.3: Applications of systems of linear equations 6.4: Basic matrix operations 6.5: Matrix products and inverses 6.6: Applications of matrices (omit input/output, code theory, routing) TEST 5 (Ch 6) Take Final Exam (comprehensive)


6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6 Homework due by Tuesday, 8/05/14 Take TEST 5 by Wednesday, 8/06/14 Take Final Exam by Thursday, 8/07/14

Please note that the instructor reserves the right to modify this course syllabus, assignments, grading procedures, and other related policies as circumstances so dictate. Students will be notified via email of any changes that are to be made.

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