ere are the summary statistics for the Olympic long jumps and high jumps displayed in Summer 2004. Event Long Jump Mean 316.04 StdDev 20.85 High jump Mean 83.85 and StdDev 7.46 Correlation= 0.925 (a) Write the linear regression equation for estimating High jump from Long jump. [Hint: s Use y=b0+b1x,where b1 =r___!_ and b0 = y-b1x .] sx (b) Explain the meaning of the slope of the line. (c) In a year when the long jump is 3 50 inches, what high jump would you predict? (d) What does it mean if the residual is positive [Hint: Residual= Data- Model, or, e = y-y.] ,

Alice,Betty, and Carol are playing a game with 48 marbles in a circle. Alice takes 2 marbles. Betty takes 4 marbles and Carol takes 6 marbles. One of them (not saying which one) now takes as many marbles as she did the first time. Another girl takes twice as many as she had before and the remaining girl takes 4 times as many as before. There are now 10 marbles left in the circle. Which girl took the sam

Miguel subtracts two numbers and gets the answer 4.95. The lesser of the two number 3.4. What is the other number ?

e amount as the first time?

) $143 is divided in the ratio 2:3:6 calculate the smallest share. b) A prize is divided between 3 people X,Y and Z. If the ratio of X’s share to Y’s share is 3:1 and Y’s share to Z’s share is 2:5, calculate the ratio of X’s share to Z’s share c) If a:3=12:a calculate the positive value of a.

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